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Winner of the 2014 Book Awards Printed Category - The Death of Justice by Michael O'Brien
Winner of the 2014 Book Awards Kindle Category - Zac's Destiny by Lynne North
Winner of the 2013 Book Awards Kindle Category - Beyond Grace's Rainbow by Carmel Harrington
Winner of the 2013 Book Awards Printed Category - Prisons Exposed by Michael O'Brien

The Book Awards

Winner of the 2014 Illustrators Category

Joel Ferris for character depictions of the Kiyor'lin Series by Neil Orr

Winner of the 2012 Book Awards Printed Category - The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling

The Book Awards

Winner of the 2014 Cover Designers Category

Danielle Whitehurst for A Week in Savannah

Winner of the 2012 Book Awards Kindle Category - Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

The Book Awards

Winner of the 2014 Editors & Proofreaders Category

Danielle Whitehurst

Channel Islands Fiction
Showcasing the work of leading Channel Island Writers

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The Book Awards

Winner (Unchallenged) of the 2014 Book Promotion Category



Welcome to the people’s Book Awards where anyone can nominate or vote for titles available on the *Amazon sites worldwide, or support those important people who provide services to authors.

The Book Awards are a division of Acclaimed Books Limited, a ‘not for profit’ publishing company based in England.


These are the only book awards that are truly open to the book (and *Kindle) reading public. Ordinary people who wish to show their support for a particular title may do so by nominating or voting for it in our monthly and annual competitions. Not only will you find the work of established and emerging writers, but you can see their popularity from the votes in support of each title. We encourage nominations to include a link so that you can click through to Amazon if you wish to find out more or purchase a title.

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Vote for a book by clicking the stars, or view the current list of nominations here!

Nominate a book using the easy form here!

Monthly Winners can be found here!

Past Winners can be seen in our Hall of Fame here!

Nominate or vote for an author service provider (e.g. editor, cover designer, etc.) here!


Voting is open to everyone. There is no need to register, join, or pay a fee. Nor do we request any personal information, so you will not be bothered by follow up contacts. Scroll down the page to see all the current nominations.¬† All we ask is that you rate the title of your choice by clicking the star rating system according to how much you enjoyed it. Please only vote once for any title or you may jeopardise its chances. You are welcome to leave a comment or review if you wish, by using our ‘easy form’.

One small point though; we don’t encourage negative reviews. Why? Because there are plenty of sites where people indulge in pretty unpleasant ranting about the works of others. They seem to forget that authors are human and can be upset and/or demotivated by such remarks. Constructive criticism is fine if it’s done politely and is well intentioned, but comments that are clearly intended to hurt will be removed. If you don’t like a book, please just ignore it. The Book Awards exist to show appreciation of the author’s work, so even a one star rating is a positive endorsement.

The monthly and annual voting closes at 17:00 hours British Standard Time on the last day of each month and the votes of non-winning titles are carried forward, except in December. Monthly winning titles are taken out of the competition and will be returned in December if confirmed as a nomination for the Annual Awards by a direct message (DM) on Twitter or email to winner@thebookawards.com. Each year the voting closes on December 31st following the Annual Awards and all votes are returned to zero for the coming year.


Anyone is welcome to nominate a title, especially the authors themselves. You can use our ‘easy form’ to enter a cover image (100 x 160 pixels), a link to the book on Amazon and a description. If a title is available on Amazon, we know it will be suitable, so that is our only criteria unless a particular genre is being swamped and we may close nominations for that genre to maintain a wide appeal. However, we reserve the right to delete any entries that are deemed to be unsuitable for a wide audience; at our sole discretion. NB It may take up to 18 hours for the nomination to appear.

*You are not required to leave any personal or contact information in order to nominate a title.

There are no charges or hidden costs of any kind.


Each month, the titles from both the Kindle and Print categories that have achieved the highest number of votes or, in the event of a draw, a combination of votes and ratings, will be added to our hall of fame. They will then be advertised free of charge for one month on the Monthly Winners page (or longer if they win multiple months) of The Book Awards site, but suspended from the monthly competition. In December, all titles and previous winners for the year will be elligible to compete for The Annual Book Awards and past winners for the year will be re-entered if a Twitter Direct Message or email to winner @thebookawards.com is sent confirming the nomonation for the Annual awards. The two titles (one from each category) that achieve the highest votes/ratings for the entire year will be advertised throughout the following year, free of charge. The Book Awards has attracted many thousands of visitors in the years it has been running and the exposure has boosted sales for numerous past winners.

An image of the Winner’s Trophy, draft Press Release, and guidance on how to make the most of the success will be available for all monthly and annual winners. As we don’t keep contact details, winners must contact us by email if they wish to receive these. See Winner PR and Contact details on the Menu page for details, or click here: Menu.

So if you are an author, or a grateful supporter of someone else’s hard work, the People’s Book Awards are for you!

Author Services

If you are impressed by a provider of services to an author (perhaps you’re the author yourself), for example the cover design, quality of editing, or even a book review, you can show your appreciation by nominating and/or voting for them.¬† Not only will the nomination be seen by the thousands of authors who regularly visit our site, but we will feature the winners for the whole of the following year!

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For all enquiries about The Book Awards, Acclaimed Books Ltd, our authors or titles, please use our contact form: click here

We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.
Thank you

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