2 thoughts on “The Yankee Chef

  1. You have no idea how impossible it is to find a cookbook with whoopie pie recipes, and this one has over a dozen!!!!! You had me at “whoopie pie,” but the whole book is a treasure. After growing up in Louisiana and moving to Maine as a teen, I’ve come to love the classic New England fare that is the heart of this book. But the ingredient that makes this book a delight to read as well as cook from is the way Jim Bailey’s voice speaks from the pages. He’s a gifted storyteller as well as accomplished chef, and the grace with which he recounts his childhood memories of his dad and grandfather – the chefs before him – will remind you of the power you have to not only prepare these comfort foods to satisfy appetites but to also feed your family’s soul.

  2. Since Jim is my relative, I was so proud to hear he had published his first cookbook and curious to check it out. I was blown away by the content. Fabulous authentic New England recipes coupled with delightful stories and historical side notes. It’s a vast collection that would be a welcome addition to any kitchen. I recommend it without reservation.

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