What does Book think of the Primordial waves?


Primordial gravitational wave discovery heralds ‘whole new era’ in physics

Gravitational waves could help unite general relativity and quantum mechanics to reveal a ‘theory of everything’

Scientists have heralded a “whole new era” in physics with the detection of “primordial gravitational waves” – the first tremors of the big bang.

The minuscule ripples in space-time are the last prediction of Albert Einstein‘s 1916 general theory of relativity to be verified. Until now, there has only been circumstantial evidence of their existence. The discovery also provides a deep connection between general relativity and quantum mechanics, another central pillar of physics.

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If ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ something of an equal magnitude to our universe must have existed prior to the big bang. This means the bang shouldn’t be regarded as the beginning of the universe, merely an event (albeit of massive significance) in its history.

The very smallest sub atomic particles oscillate between a state of energy and matter, the former doesn’t require space. The ‘big bang’ occurred when a huge transfer from energy to matter created a displacement that forced the rapid expansion of the universe which in turn led to the effects of gravity and the emergence of stars. But this begs the question of whether or not anything existed before energy? It is possible that a universe consisting almost entirely of energy might itself have resulted from a previous event involving a transfer from matter, a ‘reverse big bang’. If so, was this a previous universe exploding and was it the first or one of many? And if there were previous ‘universes’ of any description, surely we can no longer use the term ‘universe’ to describe each?

The real ‘universe’ may consist of many former solar and planetary systems and the real age of this universe may be much, much, older than we can even imagine.


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Book 4 is Coming!

No release date for the book or Radio yet but Book has just too much to say. If that makes sense. If it doesn’t, you’re just not trying hard enough.

It wouldn’t be the first time that humans have ignored the obvious.

Anyway, the saga will continue.

As Earth’s leaders discuss tax and economic growth, and methane gas spews into the atmosphere from beneath melting polar ice at an alarming rate – destabilising the already fragile balance of greenhouse gases, U6 gets on with the business of starting life all over again.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but hindsight coupled with foresight is even better.

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Entertainment on Earth

Over the centuries, the medium has changed a good deal but the content remains pretty constant.

Carnage at the Coliseum was the epitome of entertainment in Roman times.

The medieval world was much more civilised with public hangings as the central attraction.

Today we look back at those barbaric times and scoff at their callous voyeurism. Yet we devour murder and abuse stories in books, on stage, and on film for our entertainment.

And the people of the future?

Will they still be attracted to the dark side or will they look back on these times and judge this generation as harshly as we judge our ancestors?

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Earth still in Turmoil

Looking down from U6, it looks like the old arguments persist on Earth; does or did God exist, how can we get economies growing, what do we do about climate change, will the fundamentalists take over the planet, how do we solve poverty, what should we do to secure our way of life, how can I earn more money, how can I be more pious, how can I avoid change?

Up here it seems most of the turmoil is rooted in these issues, and the inherent contradictions are pretty obvious. If only you lot could see the view from up here amongst the stars, you all look pretty small from up here.

You might not want to return, but if you did, it would be with an enlightened perspective.

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Rain a Major Alternative Energy Source

Rather than moan about the amount of rain, in U6 we’ve converted it into a major energy supply and storage system.

By capturing the kinetic energy from falling rain, using both piezoelectric materials and mini-turbines, electricity is generated. This is used to electrolyse the rainwater (adding bicarbonate of soda to speed up the process), and provide a renewable source of hydrogen.

The hydrogen is then used in fuel cells that power vehicles, homes and additional greenhouse heating to extend the growing season.

We added a photovoltaic array and small wind turbine to optimise performance during different weather systems and, as the rainwater is stored in a large tank, there is always a plentiful supply for hydrogen conversion.

Micro-production in homes and small communities is more efficient than centralised generating as transmission and/or delivery costs are annihilated. This is even the case when the level of engineering is quite low and the conversion systems themselves aren’t particularly efficient. Rainwater is free and abundant, and the only exhaust output from the cells is more water vapour.

There is not only a significant economic advantage, the environment is cleaner without the use of fossil fuels.

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Hunt is on for Devil Particle!

Now they’ve tracked down the precise mass of the God Particle, the race is on to find out more about its mysterious antithesis; Dark Matter – The Devil Particle.

Scientists at CERN will be attempting to replicate the work of ‘Radio’ by running the Large Hadron Collider in reverse. Some believe this could be more dangerous than the original experiments as the possibility exists that the LHC could suck itself into a Higgs Field and disappear into a Black Hole. A euphemism for this has already circulated amongst the more common scientific observers.

The more philosophical community is speculating that matter and dark matter are merely subatomic manifestations of the conscious and subconscious mind. The relationship between the two instances of matter and energy echoes that described in Jung’s theory of the Collective Subconscious.

What happens at CERN and the philosophical implications of dark matter will be both interesting and challenging due to the complexity of the reverse ‘suck’ operation. They are optimistic but the devil is in the detail.

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God Particle 4.9 Sigma – that’s good enough!

It seems I was overly pessimistic predicting 4 but the odds of this not being a Higgs boson are now so huge that they can be discounted.

Of course, all science is temporary. The Standard Model offers a description of events that led to the creation of the Universe. The description all fits together perfectly now that Higgs boson has been discovered – if that’s what is sitting at 125.5 GeV (gigaelectron volts) – but we’ve been here before.

Scientists and philosophers from Plato to Newton constructed models that also fitted together like a jigsaw, until a new piece that didn’t fit came along. In fact Newton’s theory of gravity speculated a ‘force field’ not unlike the Higgs field almost 300 years ago.

For now, at least, our species has reached a new plateau in its understanding. It will take a quantum leap to move to a model that not only looks right theoretically but offers real insight into the meaning of our existence.

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God Particle series free on Amazon

Today scientists at CERN will announce their latest results in the search for the mass of the elusive Higgs boson particle.

Will they.. won’t they?

My guess is a Sigma 4, not quite the credibility of a 5 but good enough for many to declare it found. Could be wrong, and hope a 5 is announced but a 4 is unlikely to dampen the celebrations around the world.

What they do now will be interesting. Will the discovery bring us closer to understanding God, the Universe, the meaning of life, or simply validate the so-called ‘Standard Model’ that has been predicted for many years.

The God Particle series is free for a couple of days on Amazon so you can find out!



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4th July, God Particle Day

So now they’re saying the announcement will be on the fourth of July; about time!

No, it is about ‘time’. They should make that connection once they stop obsessing about the precise numerical value of the particle and get down to understanding dark matter. Of course, that may take sometime and it will be even longer before anyone realises that GPs can evolve and have already done so.

As for the connection between GPs and Black Holes, well that’s another matter – if you’ll forgive the pun. 🙂

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God Particle Found!

The elusive Higgs boson aka the God Particle has finally been discovered at a farm in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Agents from the intelligence community surrounded the remote moorland farmhouse early this morning; following the hijacking of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. The perpetrators of the hijacking are believed to be part of a little known religious sect originating in Little Rock, Arkansas. They subsequently escaped from custody in two separate locations and remain at large somewhere in the South West of England.

Scientists at CERN are believed to be deeply confused about the hijacking of their seventeen miles long particle accelerator and are dismissing claims that the arrests made at the farmhouse in Bodmin, have anything to do with the Higgs boson. However, during a recent press release made by the sect, an announcement was made confirming that an unknown number of God Particles had in fact penetrated the controlling computer system and invaded the World Wide Web.

A spokesperson of the sect, known simply as Radio, astounded the highly cynical audience of the conference by performing a sophisticated illusion in front of them. Full details of the illusion and the content of the press release are subject to security restrictions.

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