12:07 The Sleeping


1207 THE SLEEPING.jpg       THE SLEEPING have always come for The Unwanted…
James would fight for his life many times – always winning and yet always fearing that anytime soon, it might be his last.
THE SLEEPING are guardians of the underworld who feed from the tormented souls sent there. In our world, they haunt those whom they believe belong in Hell.
THE SLEEPING enter our realm to claim their victim, until the wrongly-given soul is taken.
When The Custodian of ‘The Room of Truth’ is asked to perform a ritual of worship, loyalty to God and The Messenger are in conflict. The lives of The Unwanted, The Protector, The Messenger and 2 Pretty Things are assembled by divine invitation.
You know when they’re here… you can feel them.
Remember; stay awake, because when they come for you and take you, there is no going back. If you give up fighting, then you might as well give up living…

The Unwanted – A person not created from want.
The Protector – The shield made from love.
The Custodian – The keeper of sins inside ‘The Room of Truth’.
The Messenger/The Key – Is someone who is at the bidding of The Sleeping. A soul for a soul.
The Pretty Things – Beauties of either gender.

L. Sydney Abel

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