After the Blackout

After the Blackout by Paul Anthony

After a world-wide EMP blast destroyed the technology we all depended upon, most of the world’s population perished. Not right away, of course, but fast-foods were no longer available, and that meant starvation for people who never learned how to cook. Supermarkets were ransacked and burned, leaving the rest with nothing to eat. The final straw for city-dwellers was when the water stopped flowing from their faucets.
With no conventional means of communications, most people assumed the problem was local, so there was a mass exodus from the cities – until the roads became clogged with accidents and stalled vehicles. Many people died in their cars. But this story is not about them.
No, this is the story of the scattered survivors in and around a sleepy little suburban town who must find a way to overcome their differences and work together to create a new society – one that treats everyone equally and fairly. With no functioning government to dictate right and wrong, they must resolve their differences themselves.
Like most of us, the characters in this story want to do the right thing. And like most of us, they struggle to define what the ‘right’ thing is. It always seems to come down to at least two sides, both believing they are on the side of ‘good’. Does that make the other side ‘evil’? No, just different. Which side will you be on?

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