Anaxilea: Amazon Princess

Anaxilea: Amazon Princess by Alex Potvin and Rebecca Murphy


The Amazons of the steppes have conquered since a time before recorded history. The kingdom of the proud women warriors is threatened by a vast invading force of men in metal armor who attack out of the western mountains at the edge of the Amazon domain. Anaxilea, the youngest daughter of War Queen Lysippe, is taken hostage by the army of men and sold into slavery.

Anaxilea finds herself in a bizarre new world where women are beneath men, cows are valued more than horses, and everyone desires the worthless metal gold. A shepherd boy, from a tribe long ago subjugated by the Amazons, is her only guide to the new world, but his motives are suspicious and his loyalties constantly changing.

After Anaxilea is sold to the ancient Ludus Dacicus, a gladiator training school founded by the first Caesar, she must learn to fight within the arena to prove her worth or suffer a fate worse than death. Romance blossoms within the walls of the ludus, and Anaxilea finds herself as the focus of a love triangle, caught between a pure-hearted slave girl and a charming Olympic champion. The games at Neapolis will determine if she survives to claim her birthright as an Amazon Princess or fall to betrayal.

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