Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo

Aspen, Snow, Blow, and Bo by Sherrie Lueder


Bohdan Mazur was raised in the quaint hamlet of Staatsburg, New York. He recounts childhood memories of growing up in a wonderland with his father, mother and three sisters. Abundant with wildlife and surrounded by acres of woods with the Hudson River just a stone’s throw away, Bo considered it “Paradise.”

Bo’s father, who worked for IBM was frugal to a fault, encouraged his son to follow an easier path. Urging him…“Never work for a big corporation son—be a criminal and join the mob! Bo took it to heart. What started innocently enough, selling lemonade and golf balls at Dinsmore golf course quickly evolved into selling pot, hash, and even trying his hand at counterfeiting.

Bo’s life dream was to live in Colorado and be a ski bum. After high school, following his dream, he moved to Aspen and picked up where he left off. He expanded his sales to include cocaine, which quickly turned his business into a lucrative career, netting him tens of thousands of dollars weekly.

Join Bo as he relives his adventures from Aspen to Mexico. Feel his emotion as he goes through several relationships and near death experiences and eventually gets busted. However, the story doesn’t end there…his adventure continues on.

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