Becoming Me

Becoming Me by Gardenia Destang


Thirty-one-year-old Terri Williams, a professional woman seems to have it all. By most standards, Terri has made it; she has found the perfect man, a good job, a solid house, close friends, and strong familial bonds. But something inside her gnaws at her soul.

Nine years ago, she loved and left Lamar Carrington. Despite the terms on which they broke up, his image, speech, and scent are never far from Terri’s heart. In her darkest moments, she considers much of the successful life she has built merely a coping mechanism to adjust to the great loss of what once was.

This epic tale of love, friendship, family, and parental bonds stretches outside Atlanta to take in tropical Florida, big-city Chicago, and the Caribbean delights of Jamaica. From dealing with her troubled sister, her unknowing relationship, and the compelling desire for an ex-lover, Terri has a world of hurt and love to unravel.

9 thoughts on “Becoming Me

  1. I purchased this book om a whim and I am so glad I did. I love the story line of the book and the characters. This has been my late night read for the past week and did not want the story to end. The story line is very realistic as I think we all have past lover that we wonder what if. And the character network of friends was great as its refreshing to know that not all “friends” are enemies.
    A very great read:>)

  2. I was so eager to read this book, not only because she is my sister but also because I love reading! I found myself turning in the middle in the night reaching out my hand to my nightstand for the book, but also found myself eventually succumbing to staying up all night until I was finished reading it! SMH! This only happened when I was a teenager hiding to read the romance novels by torchlight when my mum said it was time for bed.
    This was an awesome read and I would and have recommended it to all my friends. I also felt like I was in the story! Lol
    Gardenia, I will anxiously await the next PLEASE!

  3. I have not read a novel so hungrily since high school. I found myself reading at every free moment or even when I was supposed to be otherwise engaged. The characters became so alive and real to me and I often found myself talking to my kindle hoping they would hear me. I enjoyed the roller coaster of emotions, the relationships and the trips to the cities especially Jamaica. Everybody loves a little romance and it was just enough. The story line is captivating and I have most importantly considered my own journey and the steps I need to take to ‘become me’. Fantastic read Gardenia…..looking forward to the movie and your next novel.

  4. This book was a great. I was not a lover of novels so in my mind I thought that I would just read a few pages a day just for reading sake. It suddenly happened, I was seriously addicted. Once I had free time I would be reading .I would go to sleep with the iPod on the bed. There were times when I had to stop reading because I didn’t want this book to be finished. This book tickled every single part of my body. I was speechless after reading certain chapters. My mind and body was captured into a world that I enjoyed being in. Memories came rushing back and reality hit over and over. “Becoming me” made me feel exceptional and once Gardenia writes another book I will be happy to purchase it. I recommend this book to first time readers. Its an attention Stopper.
    Great Job G !!!!!

  5. It’s been a long time since I read a fiction book and I’m really glad I came across this!
    I really enjoyed this peek into Terri’s life as it unfolded. I loved the characters and levels of closeness they all had to Terri in some way shape or form. The men also seemed like really good role models as well. The storyline had me hooked right through to the end. I was curious to know more about what happens next in Terri’s story as a wife and a mother becoming…so just putting it out there Gardenia that I eagerly await part 2:-)

  6. Best novel I have ever read. Its realistic and thought provoking. Its a book one just cannot put down after the first read. Its captivating yet humorous. I teach at a vocational technical school where most of the students do not like to read, and I have practically watched my students fight over who gets to read this book next as others who have read it share insights and feelings. Actually today one of them was given the book as a gift, and I turned to her and asked her if she likes to read, and she said no, not at all. An hour later I saw her devouring the book and smiling continuously as she too was captivated and could not put it down. So yes this a superb superb book and a must read for all who wants some excitement and life changing questions within their lives. Five stars all the way.

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