Beltamar’s War


Utterly obedient to Six Divine Laws, the Seizen are an ancient culture whose history covers almost four millennia.

On their second entry into Malmaxa all Seizen undergo the final rite of passage to adulthood, in which they are bound to a Chukrah in the Eternal Match. The Chukrah bond is fateful, permanent, personal, and so sacred it is deemed to be an inviolate personal secret. Indeed, beyond the clearly visible color of every Chukrah, a societal tenet prohibits disclosing the unique nature of one’s Chukrah.

Unbeknownst to the Seizen, they are on the verge of extinction. An Eternal Conflict with a mysterious, ancient enemy has seen their numbers dwindle from millions to less than fifty thousand at the time in which Beltamar’s War is set.

The Scribes, a rare subset of the Artisan class, are the only Seizen aware of these dire circumstances. However, their role as lore-keepers is Chukrah-granted. This understanding ensures they obey the tenet of secrecy, thus the Seizen have remained oblivious to their impending demise.

Until an un-matched child named Liaju has a series of prophetic dreams.

Until now…

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