Bring Me Sunshine

Bring Me Sunshine by Wendy Storer

Printed Book

Ever since Daisy’s little brother Sam was born, life has been a challenge. It’s not just about mum dying, or dad’s famous rock band – Power of Now – breaking up, or even about Uncle Ziggy disappearing. It’s more to do with Dad forgetting to get dressed, and Sam obsessing about a kangaroo called Martin, and how it makes Daisy feel more like a parent than a fifteen year-old girl.

Daisy’s friends are losing patience with her, she’s not allowed to play the drums anymore, and teachers have started to notice a distinct change of attitude creeping into Daisy’s approach to school. But truth is, Daisy’s family responsibilities are getting in the way of life.

And then Dylan Bell moves back into town; a glimmer of sunshine in Daisy’s gloomy existence. There’s something really cute about Dylan these days, and it’s great he’s learned the guitar and wants them to be in a band together; but how is Daisy going to tell him the truth?

Finalist in the Mslexia Children’s Novel Award 2013

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