13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective

13 DIAMONDS – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective is a story about family. It is about hope and all the beauty life has to offer, until the unimaginable strikes and a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball made itself at home, intruding in the happy lives of a loving family. 13 Diamonds portrays the feelings and views of a young girl who witnessed her mother, the brightest, most beautiful woman she knew, slowly die – taken by this horrific form of cancer. It is about strength, life, death, beauty, grief, and most importantly, it is a story about love.

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About the Author

MANON RINSMA, MSc – a well-traveled, adventurous millennial with a lot of invisible baggage, refused to become a victim of her circumstances. By helping people understand the experience of losing a parent from a 12-year-old’s perspective she hopes to give insight and support to prevent others from missing out on valuable time
Manon Rinsma
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Baggage Claim

Aaron Davis hid the fact that he struggled with a rare genetic disorder and severe depression for most of his life. For 15 years, he served in churches as a pastor and missionary. Eventually, depression got the better of him and Aaron was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for 4 days of observation. This gripping memoir details the factors that led to his depression and pastoral burnout and the plans and choices he made to finally become whole.

Aaron Davis
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Bedpans to Boardrooms

Is Sarah Jane playing with fire?

Hold on tight, this is not what we expected to happen to the fun loving career nurse we met in Ooh Matron!
Sarah Jane’s life is set to be turned upside down as she juggles the pursuit of her nursing career with the roles of wife and mother. Her nursing career deviates off course into the aged care sector to accommodate her personal life and calls for a variety of sacrifices and compromises to keep a career and family life on track. It’s a journey that sees Sarah Jane dealing with childbirth, bereavement, divorce, miscarriage and child custody issues at the hands of a real life Casanova!

The Stan

“The Stan” shares private thoughts, therapy sessions, journal entries, and memories of our family of four as father and son deploy to combat. A rare opportunity to experience deployment as we say goodbye, sacrifice for others, struggle inwardly, attempt to heal, and move on with life from differing, even opposing, perspectives. Feel unspoken emotions, hopes, and dreams common to military families.

George: A gentleman of the road

Book-Cover-frontThe fascinating, funny and sometimes heartbreaking true story of a homeless guy called George: a real gentleman of the road.  His story is recounted by author P.A.Davies who – whilst sitting in a Manchester cafe – listened to the man’s extraordinary tale over a number of weeks.

There but for the grace of God etc etc!

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Destination Freedom

Destination Freedom is a sweeping memoir about a young girl’s journey. The struggle of youth meets the vicious cycle of war and devastation. The story is so relevant to us all. It is unique that it is written from the perspective of a young woman looking back at war, loss, the life of a refugee and how she fits into the world when she must make her way in a new culture. A must read for memoirists and anyone who desires to know the truth that is indeed stranger than fiction.

Lily Amis

Left of Boom

On September 11, 2001, Doug Laux was a freshman in college, on the path to becoming a doctor. But with the fall of the Twin Towers came a turning point in his life. After graduating he joined the Central Intelligence Agency, determined to get himself to Afghanistan and into the center of the action. Through persistence and hard work he was fast-tracked to a clandestine operations position overseas. Dropped into a remote region of Afghanistan, he received his baptism by fire. Frustrated by bureaucratic red tape, a widespread lack of knowledge of the local customs and culture and an attitude of complacency that hindered his ability to combat the local Taliban, Doug confounded his peers by dressing like a native and mastering the local dialect, making contact and building sources within several deadly terrorist networks. His new approach resulted in unprecedented successes, including uncovering the largest IED network in the world, responsible for killing hundreds of US soldiers. Meanwhile, Doug had to keep up false pretenses with his family, girlfriend and friends–nobody could know what he did for a living–and deal with the emotional turbulence of constantly living a lie. His double life was building to an explosive resolution, with repercussions that would have far reaching consequences.


The best way to understand the suffering of others is to hear their stories of courage and struggle. Being homeless, displaced, isolated and useless is hard to imagine if you’ve never suffered it. I have, so I speak out. Destination: Freedom is a memoir based on the true life story of a young girl Lily and her mom. With only two suitcases and a large supply of hope mother and child escape to Europe from their war-torn homeland.

$500,000,000 & some goats

It’s the story of Philip being kidnapped by pirates in Nigeria and being held hostage. His account of what happened in great detail and his reflection on life and experiences in life.

Could not put this book down, the authors personality shines through and shows courage and love. The topic of the biography is sinister however it laced with humour and demonstrates the strength in family.

Philips colourful past gives the book depth and body.

You experience very emotion through out the book.

philip durdey
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The Girl with Seven Names

As a child growing up in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee was oblivious to the reality of the world beyond.  Once she escaped to China she could not return and it was twelve years before she saw her beloved family again.the girl with seven names.jpg

Hyeonseo Lee

The Devil Couldn’t Break Me






The horrifying true story of a young girl held captive by very nasty and dangerous men during the Yugoslavian conflict. Refugees are in the headlines every day now, and the horrors Laura encountered highlight the sheer terror people face when their country is torn apart by hatred, their homes destroyed, their loved ones separated from them. This is very much a tale for our times.

Laura Aslan
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Too True for Lies: A Child’s Story

Cover -Too True For Liesx166.jpg

A Child’s Story is memories transformed into an exciting story that impacts all of your emotions. Too True For Lies has volumes of twist and turns. It will make you look back and forth through the pages and you will say at the end “No Way!” The main character David tells his story as he struggles through an ever changing environment. We can agree life isn’t all ways trouble-free but it has more than its share of troubles for the child that goes through it in the absence of an adult.


“I wondered why the sex in those books looked a lot different than the other books. These books had pictures of famous cartoons. I remember looking at pictures of Betty Boop, Superman, and Archie and the Gang. In one of these books, I remember that the people were having sex everywhere. One boy accidentally stuck another boy in the butt. I thought that was weird.”

Oh boy!

Stephen D. Matthews

Msomi and Me


Msomi & Me (M&M), is one of the all-time best reads of a lifetime. In fact, it IS a lifetime, one of which you’ve never experienced or ever possibly could! Intriguing, colorful, unforgettable protagonists, cute & naughty little bush animals wreaking havoc on the tourists in the Lodge, and camera shots of dangerous African animals’ eyes taken with a mere 135mm lens thanks to a genuine old African “animal whisperer.” Adventure, love, playfulness, tragedy, calamity, wild animals (one especially stands-out), denouement….what more do you want? Blood? Well, there’s that too! It”s not too long, & it includes some EXCELLENT original recipes at the back. This book has EVERYTHING! It”s an easy read, & is so compelling it cannot be put down.

Brian Connell
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Brain Tumours for Dummys

160 px high BTFD cover.jpg

Thinking nothing of an epileptic seizure, my carefree and single-thinking lifestyle continued as usual. That was until the results of the scan. A brain tumour stopped me in my tracks. Suddenly I had to rely on others. Moving out of my crime-ridden area was supposed to be a positive move towards recovery following the most mind bending experience of “awake” brain surgery. But Sarah and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our new home was in the flat beneath the neighbours from hell. Radiotherapy may have been easy if it hadn’t been for the scum determined to make our lives a misery, sending me to the brink of despair. With a lifestyle that featured an unhealthy amount of alcohol and facing up to my addictions and self-loathing, the early grave was looking more likely than the millionaire life I dreamed of.

Getting back to work and experiencing new cultures helped to put me back on track. Rather than dwell on my own self-pity I drew inspiration from the world and people around me until finally I’d gotten hold of a normal life. A normal life that didn’t last long. The townships in Africa, the petrol bombings, murders and car crashes that I’d witnessed in such a small space of time; none of them came close to the next chapter in my life. Finding out I would be a dad was one thing, but triplets? The path forward from there on in would prove to be chaotic but truly magical. The joys of a becoming a triplet father from that astonishing moment of the baby scan through to the events of the birth and beyond, coupled with the devastating deaths of good friends taught me the true meaning of life.

But all that was the easy bit…

Daniel Lewis

Extra Chilli Sauce

Extra Chilli Sauce by John Skillenxcs


I couldn’t stop myself. I continually booted and stamped on his face. Years of frustration were in every stamp. I had to make sure he didn’t get up. His head fell to one side, arms motionless beside him, his body now still. I stared at him through narrowed eyes and balled fists, hatred burning through my veins… John Skillen is an aggressive nineteen year old with a criminal record who attracts violent confrontation wherever he goes. His life is one brutal fight after another. How did he break this cycle of violence? How did he overcome his prison record and obtain employment? How did he use his toughness and ability to win fights to provide a benefit to society? This is the fascinating story of his transformation from being a victim driven by violence to a life where he is in control of his destiny.




Printed Booksigned_copycroip

True Crime Autobiography on the life of Charlie Seiga the longest reigning gangster in Britain with an active criminal life spanning 5 decades.


Wings Of A Dream

Wings Of A Dream by Conrad Bastien & Joy Bastien-Brown

Printed Bookwings

About a man with a consuming obsession to get to New York , get married and become a successful singer/songwriter with no money and no travel experience at the age of 16 traveled through 29 different islands to make it to the United States. With no information on the dangers that awaited him he had his mind set straight and willing to do anything to accomplish his dream. An autobiography written by Conrad Bastien.


Silver Haze

Silver Haze by Pankaj Varma

Printed Booksilver

Diagnosed with dementia and possible Alzheimer’s, she faces the prospect of a steady decline in her mental functions. She starts writing down her story, writing down everything she knows while she still remembers it so that she can read it back when dementia makes her forget it all. She is elated that dementia cannot rob her of memories now because she has it all written down. It is a major victory for her as she tries to combat the onslaught of her disease. Her story has been re-written by her son to present this touching narrative straight from the heart.
This fascinating and intriguing story spans a major part of the 20th century in North India and depicts the hurdles faced by an educated girl before and after marriage. It gives an unusual insight into India-that-was, reflecting the social mores of that time. A must read for everyone connected with India and for anyone who has a loved one suffering from dementia.


“Not Quite the Full Chapati”

“Not Quite the Full Chapati” by Kath Hirani
Printed Book


The story follows the friendship between Helen and Jo who meet on 1964 whilst in infant school. Jo’s mother is English, but her father is from Pakistan. Initially her father comes across as being quite Westernised, but following a visit home he decides to take up his religion again and tries to force it on his children who rebel. Eventually Jo virtually lives with Helen’s family to escape the problems at home.

Both girls train to be nurses and when Helen meets Rahim, a dentist working in oral surgery, Jo does everything she can to discourage Helen. After some time the relationship is broken off because Rahim is destined to marry an Indian girl and have his parents live with him. Helen moves away to stay with her uncle in the USA, but meets up with Rahim again on a trip to Canada, and it is then that Rahim decides to approach is parents regarding the prospect of having an English daughter-in-law. The story tells of the problems encountered in trying to gain his parents approval and of Helen’s struggle to be accepted by them and the Asian community-hence the title of the book because no matter how one tries, it is very difficult to be fully accepted.

When Jo meets Sam and wishes to marry him her father won’t acknowledge the marriage and wants Jo to marry someone from Pakistan therefore Helen’s father is asked to represent Jo and give her away at the wedding. Sadly Helen’s father suffers from severe depression and his story is also told.

The main story lines-

1. Jo’s upbringing and her struggle with racism and her own identity.

2. Helen’s fascination from a young age with the Asian culture followed by her relationship with Rahim, a dentist working in oral surgery at the same hospital

3. Helen’s father’s depression which eventually leads to his suicide.

4. Rahim’s quest to gain his parents consent to marry an English girl.

5. Jo’s marriage to an English man, her father’s disapproval, and how Helen’s father came to give her away at the wedding.


Chris Needs: Like It Is: My Autobiography

Chris Needs: Like It Is: My Autobiography by Chris Needs

Printed Book

Chris Needs is Wales most popular radio broadcaster; gay icon; entertainer; accomplished pianist and celebrity. On his three-hour late night radio show for Radio Wales, Chris is the warm listening ear for thousands of people. Here for the first time he opens his heart on his troubled life, and describes how he was abused as a child and badly affected by bullying throughout his life. Happier moments, hilarious anecdotes, celebrity friendships, are also charted here on Chris journey to fame, which covers his many talents and guises: as accomplished pianist, vocalist and entertainer; showbiz personality, and charity fundraiser. Chris also speaks a number of languages and his spells abroad, in Spain, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands are all detailed here. Chris radio fanclub, the Garden , is massive. But whether or not you re a member of the Garden, Chris candid, friendly style will welcome you into these pages, into his world. Here Chris tells his life with no holds barred: just like it is.


Chris Needs: And There’s More

Chris Needs: And There’s More by Chris Needs
Printed Book

The second part of Chris Needs’s autobiography. Following on from the best-selling Like it is, this book contains further hilarious anecdotes from the legendary radio presenter. Needs tracks down his numerous ex-boyfriends, one of whom turned out to be a beautiful blond who is now his ex-girlfriend!


Chris Needs the Highs and the Lows

Chris Needs the Highs and the Lows by Chris Needs

Printed Book

This book by Chris Needs tells us so much more about his life than his previous books: Like it is and And there’s more. Chris delves into those experiences in his life which have kept him alive and, on the other hand, those episodes which have nearly killed him. There are also new photographs, previously undiscovered, and would be of interest to his legions of fans.


MILLION 1.1 MILLION The Bane Of My Life

MILLION 1.1 MILLION The Bane Of My Life by Hanifa Danyal

Printed Book

“Sixteen year old Hanifa is a girl that is forced to become a woman, when she finds herself forced into an abusive marriage. Not knowing where to turn for help, she experiences heartbreak and misery before escaping and finally falling for the man of her dreams. An investment banker with a bright future, Hanifa starts a family but soon finds herself and her family go through trials that would break the strongest of spirits. Hanifa refuses to give up and finds enlightenment through a spiritual man who reveals a new path to hope. Even in her darkest of days, the force of the human spirit sees its way through. A tale of strength, survival, and hope.” Million I.I Million “is a powerful testament to the endurance of the human spirit, ever fighting onwards and never giving up. Faith, indeed, is everything…” “A fascinating insight into another’s world, powerfully written and demonstrating amazing strength and resilience” Rachel Probert – Human resources Director “An absorbing, compelling story – sometimes dark yet full of amazing courage and faith” Elizabeth Bond – University Lecturer “A rollercoaster ride of epic drama, Hanifa Danyal takes the readers on her personal journey of trials, struggles, love and faith. This true story reflects a bitter reality of one woman’s resilience to stay alive when everything around her is crumbling. A gripping, poignant tale that is hard to put down, it leaves with an ardent question; what happens next?” – Kakul Ehsan Butt.



Init by Jonathan Robinson


A fantastic novel about a man who was rightly imprisoned but wrongly rehabilitated! Init reveals to the world what a shambles Her Majesty’s prison system is making of helping people to become contributors to society. From onerous staff prohibiting proactive prisoners from helping the illiterate to prison officers asleep on the job we are given a razor sharp insight in to everyday prison life from the eyes of a convict. This atom bomb HM Prison Service clearly needs is neatly washed down with the authors good humour and unbreakable spirit to right a wrong that beggars belief.