13 Diamonds – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective

13 DIAMONDS – Life Before Death from a Child’s Perspective is a story about family. It is about hope and all the beauty life has to offer, until the unimaginable strikes and a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball made itself at home, intruding in the happy lives of a loving family. 13 Diamonds portrays the feelings and views of a young girl who witnessed her mother, the brightest, most beautiful woman she knew, slowly die – taken by this horrific form of cancer. It is about strength, life, death, beauty, grief, and most importantly, it is a story about love.

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About the Author

MANON RINSMA, MSc – a well-traveled, adventurous millennial with a lot of invisible baggage, refused to become a victim of her circumstances. By helping people understand the experience of losing a parent from a 12-year-old’s perspective she hopes to give insight and support to prevent others from missing out on valuable time
Manon Rinsma
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The Sand Dweller

In the ancient mountains of the Sinai desert, a child is born. The half-demon son of the devil’s greatest general, Malachi grows up with one foot in the human world and one in the darkest pits of Hell itself. Soon, a power struggle will force him to choose. Will he claim the dark heritage promised to him by Lucifer? Or will he learn firsthand just how far evil will go to destroy mankind?

Caleb Glass is a young priest with a flourishing flock and a successful church. Plagued by strange visions and a tragic past, he’s also beginning to question his faith. When he’s suddenly thrust into an ancient feud, Caleb must decide whether wearing the collar is a part of God’s plan, or an excuse to hide from his pain.

Is it possible for a broken priest and a sand dweller to achieve redemption, or are they both doomed by circumstance beyond their control?

Molly Neely
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Bedpans to Boardrooms

Is Sarah Jane playing with fire?

Hold on tight, this is not what we expected to happen to the fun loving career nurse we met in Ooh Matron!
Sarah Jane’s life is set to be turned upside down as she juggles the pursuit of her nursing career with the roles of wife and mother. Her nursing career deviates off course into the aged care sector to accommodate her personal life and calls for a variety of sacrifices and compromises to keep a career and family life on track. It’s a journey that sees Sarah Jane dealing with childbirth, bereavement, divorce, miscarriage and child custody issues at the hands of a real life Casanova!

Good Guys Finish First

Sometimes in the Christian life, we feel like we’re falling behind. We feel like we’re in last place. Doubts & uncertainty just have a way of creeping into our lives and leading us away from our walk with Christ. In this book, Braden Pedersen unpacks it all. You’ll learn how to deal with fear, anxiety, stress, and many other trials alike in a godly manner. If we’re with God, we’re running a different race. If we trust him, we’ll always finish first. We’ve all heard the saying “Good Guys Finish Last”. But do they?

Braden Pedersen

Marriage Under Construction: For Men and For Women

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you’re never doing the right thing for your spouse? Do you wonder what happened to the romance you shared before the honeymoon was over? Is your marriage starting to look a little rundown; perhaps a makeover is needed? The Bible details God’s blueprint for a healthy marriage. In Marriage Under Construction, conference leaders Luis and Angela Hernandez examine this design and share what happened when they took their young marriage through six fundamental building blocks for a long-lasting marriage. In their book, you’ll find practical advice on: *How to communicate to avoid unnecessary battles *How to respect your differences and build a strong bond *Why you should stop trying to change each other and what to do instead If you don’t want divorce as an option, and instead you want to strengthen your marriage then this book is for you. There are two versions of Marriage Under Construction. Four of the six chapters are identical in each book, but two of the chapters in this book are directed specifically to a man’s point of view. Find additional resources at http://www.remodelministries.org

SPLIT – A Child, A Priest, and the Catholic Church

SPLIT- A Child, A Priest, and the Catholic Church is a riveting memoir that takes the reader into the scary world of a child living in the secrecy and trauma of childhood priest abuse. It’s a courageous story because as a women, the author, faces her abuser.  Her child finally gets to speak. You will get glimpses into the author’s convent life, and her journey into the legal arena as she was one of the earliest victims to file a suit against the notorious serial pedophile in the Los Angeles Diocese, Father George Neville Rucker. She is married and lives with her spouse in Seattle, WA.


Mary Dispenza

A Rose For Jonathan

Angels and demons fight to control a town as a young pastor grapples with his strange spiritual power. He begins to question his own faith until he realizes the  unmatched potential in the secret weapons that we all have available to us when we are on our knees. This multiple award winning series continues in a second book, Quiver, now available as well.

Beth Green
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Powerful Prayers: A Guide to Enhance Your Prayer Life

The purpose of this book is to give examples of prayers that can be used in all phases of life. Backed by scripture, one may use these prayers and incorporate them into their daily time with God.

Braden Pedersen
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coverThe life of a rookie beat cop is changed forever when he meets an elderly sage on a routine call. Using wisdom, perspective, and humor, Naked is a journey destined to transform the readers understanding of God, life, and love.




Building Good Teammates: The story of my Mount Rushmore, a coaching epiphany, and that nun

Participation leagues, where every kid gets a trophy, lead to disillusionment. Not everyone wins in the real world. Yet, coaching kids to be ultra-competitive guarantees no greater probability of players becoming successful, well-adjusted members of society when their playing days have ended.

“Building Good Teammates” is the story of how a “Mary Poppins-ish” nun inspires Lance Loya to discover an alternative approach to coaching and to explore how his coaching methods were influenced by his unusual childhood and his personal Mount Rushmore—the four men who had the biggest impact on his life.

Through the examination of the virtue of trust, a key component to being a good teammate, he explains how the coaches who impacted his life demonstrated how to have, build, and earn trust. Those three elements coincide with Loya’s three components of a good teammate—care, share, and listen.

While teaching kids to be competitive can be beneficial, it is an endeavor that should take a back seat to teaching kids to be good teammates, a more valuable life skill. Everybody is part of a team in some capacity, and the world cannot have too many good teammates.

When Sr. Eric Marie, a nearly 80-year old nun, joins Loya’s quest to build good teammates, the practices of the unassuming woman become the basis for the coach’s system. Loya explains how the Sisters of Mercy values of mercy, justice, hospitality, and service can be applied to using sports to teach kids to be good teammates.

This book is a blueprint for using organized sports to teach kids a viable and sustainable skill that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Left of Boom

On September 11, 2001, Doug Laux was a freshman in college, on the path to becoming a doctor. But with the fall of the Twin Towers came a turning point in his life. After graduating he joined the Central Intelligence Agency, determined to get himself to Afghanistan and into the center of the action. Through persistence and hard work he was fast-tracked to a clandestine operations position overseas. Dropped into a remote region of Afghanistan, he received his baptism by fire. Frustrated by bureaucratic red tape, a widespread lack of knowledge of the local customs and culture and an attitude of complacency that hindered his ability to combat the local Taliban, Doug confounded his peers by dressing like a native and mastering the local dialect, making contact and building sources within several deadly terrorist networks. His new approach resulted in unprecedented successes, including uncovering the largest IED network in the world, responsible for killing hundreds of US soldiers. Meanwhile, Doug had to keep up false pretenses with his family, girlfriend and friends–nobody could know what he did for a living–and deal with the emotional turbulence of constantly living a lie. His double life was building to an explosive resolution, with repercussions that would have far reaching consequences.

Almost Mortal


Almost Mortal is a legal thriller with a metaphysical twist. The plot touches on many unique religious questions and delves into the interplay between forensic science and spiritual beliefs. Mainly though, it is a fast-moving mystery with a lot of surprises.


Synopsis: Emerging criminal defense attorney Sam Young has always known he had a gift. Or a curse. He thinks of them as minor psychic abilities. When Sam is hired by an attractive young nun named Camille Paradisi, he agrees to help discover the identity of a serial killer in order to prevent Camille’s pastor from being exposed for not reporting the man after a confession – thereby allowing another murder to occur. While Sam’s psychic abilities increase as he investigates the case and gets closer to Camille, he realizes that the enigmatic nun is not revealing the complete truth.

Camille shares an old journal anonymously mailed to the church, which she believes may have been authored by the killer/confessor. The journal, which begins in Argentina in the 1940’s, purports to tell the life story of a man with mind control and other special powers who claims to be a descendant of the fallen angels cast out of heaven by God. As Sam learns more about the murders, the journal author, and Camille, he begins to realize the so called “Rosslyn Ripper” case may have ancient implications beyond his imagination.

Christopher Leibig

Lerkus: A Journey to End All Suffering

small thumbnail front.jpg

In search of a more meaningful life, Jude Knight boards a train destined for the Cave of Lerkus. He soon discovers that he is traveling inside a mysterious world – Lerkus is in control, and he is simply a passenger along for the ride. The only way out is to fight against his inner demons and transform his perception of reality to uncover the enigmatic and supremely powerful Lerkus.

Lerkus is a quest of self-discovery that is quirky and fun, yet deeply symbolic. Journey with Jude in this gripping tale as he questions life and seeks to end all suffering.

L.A. Golding

The Book of Branding: A Christian’s Guide to SUCCESSFULLY Creating and Growing a Business

small cover 160p.png

Branding has become a buzz word in the business world. It is used by everyone from emerging entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies to churches but few understand what it really means. This book will take you through the steps of creating and growing a successful brand that everyone will love. The Bible believing business owner will appreciate and become inspired by discovering the Christian principles that align with ethical marketing practices. It is time to step out of your box and go to the next level. Do not let fear immobilize you. God has provided the tools necessary for you to reach excellence and “The Book of Branding: A Christian’s Guide to Successfully Creating and Marketing a Business” is one of them.

Ty B. McKenzie

She Dances In Books

In real life those in a coma like state are usually given up on. How does anyone know what goes on in the minds of those presumed to be in a comatose state? Professionals can only run tests and give their evaluations.
Zetty, the main character in this book, does not even know her own life she’s living is just a dream in a coma like state, dreams her mind has created to help her cope. She is helped along her way by a butterfly and a moth.

Doni Gleaton

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry


A middle aged man sets off to post a letter and ends up walking without money, proper shoes, map, or food, for nearly 90 days, towards a destination over 600 miles away whose exact location he doesn’t even know. His mission: to save a life.

After several of the early pages wondering where on earth this story was going, I found myself drawn towards Harold, his wife, and the terminally ill woman he has decided to visit. Curiosity got the better of me and before long I was turning pages avidly, needing to know the outcome. Would he make it in time? What damage had he done to his marriage? What was the mystery surrounding his estranged son?

And it gradually dawned on me that this story is about living an extraordinary life, about having the courage to live in the unknown, to commit, and to take action, no matter how ‘dull and ordinary’ one’s circumstances are.

Harold is joined and subsequently deserted by a motley crew of well-wishers and fame seekers. Even Dog, who had, as Harold said, ‘chosen to walk with Harold for a while, and then it had chosen to stop, and walk instead with the young girl. Life was like that.’

To quote Alfred Hickling in The Guardian, Rachel Joyce successfully conveys ‘profound emotions in simple, unaffected language’.

And for me, therein lies both its charm and its success.


Rachel Joyce

Cutting for Stone


Expect to be swept along by the drama of this roller-coaster of a novel. Over five hundred pages of beauty, horror, poignancy, tragedy and charm.

Verghese takes us from India to Ethiopia and the USA, revealing intricate details of surgery, rebellion, war, passion, faith and love. It is not often that a book can lift your spirit to new heights, and this one is right up there with the likes of Shantaram and similar great novels.

An unforgettable read

Abraham Verghese

Slavic Tales & Myths – Part 1


In this 6th book of The Slavic Way series, the reader is introduced to different tales from the Slavic heritage. Storytelling is a big part of the Slavic culture and many tales have been passed on for countless generations: parent to child, grandparent to grandchild. Many of these tales have a hidden meaning and a hidden lesson within it, that is supposed to be understood and learned by all who hear it. These kind of tales are presented in this book.

Dmitriy Kushnir

Slavic Light Symbols


This is the fifth book of The Slavic Way series. It introduces the reader to Slavic symbols, their meaning and uses in everyday life. Much of Slavic heritage has been lost over the years and with Christening of Rus’, this book is a small attempt to revive and bring into the light little of that which has been lost.

Dmitriy Kushnir

Creatures of Slavic Myth


In this volume of The Slavic Way series, creatures, beings and spirits of Slavic mythology are presented and described. If you ever wondered about the noises you may hear around your home, about why sometimes you wake up in cold sweat, or about the visions you may see or noises you may hear around the forest; this book is an essential read for you.

Dmitriy Kushnir
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Songs of Bird Gamayun


In the 3rd book of The Slavic Way series reader is presented with the Slavic Creation Myth in the form of songs of bird Gamayun that was passed on verbally through generations. It speaks of creation of the first World, its destruction and resurrection.

Dmitriy Kushnir

Slavic Faith – Deities & Commandments


This is the second book of The Slavic Way Series, and it focus is on the Deities of the Slavic Faith and their Commandments.

Dmitriy Kushnir

Slavic Faith – Rodnoverie & Yngliism


This book introduces the reader to Slavic Faith. It discusses Slavic heritage, Slavic afterlife, Slavic family and many other aspects of Slavic life. Because of oppression, much of Slavic heritage was destroyed or changed over the past several thousands of years. This book is an introduction of what once was the great Slavic people. After reading this book, a Slavic person will know more about his roots and where he comes from.

Dmitriy Kushnir

Marriage: Convenient or Covenant

Cover Convenient Or Covenantx166p.jpg

This book is design to take married couples and couples ready to get married through the scriptures. When you are done reading this book, you will know whether your relationship is out of convenience or if you are in a covenant. Let us study what God has to say before we let the world at our relationship.

“Now let me deal with this part straightforward: don’t always be a waiter hater. What I mean by this is that you’re the one always waiting for your spouse to make a move. When they don’t, you get upset or go into the “They don’t love me” or “Am I still attractive?” phases. Because they may have overlooked who you are (male/female), doesn’t mean you should. This may be the time for you to take back what’s missing and remind your spouse what they’re missing. ”

Check this out.

Stephen D. Matthews

Awakening OF A Seer


What else does Mr. Waid have up his sleeve. His first book My Paranormal Journey: One Man’s Obsession grabbed you by the arm and it never let go of you. His second book touches your heart and opens your mind. His abilities grow right in front of your eyes. From first seeing things that are connected to his job to working behind scenes on real missing person cases. He tells you how energies can effect you and your family. He gets tested by other people who are interested in what he is doing. Even though he fails the test he moves on to learn more about his amazing abilities. His gifts advances to connecting with past lives and passed loved ones. I promise you will not want to put this book down.

Rick Waid

Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators


Tea Krulos

Brain Tumours for Dummys

160 px high BTFD cover.jpg

Thinking nothing of an epileptic seizure, my carefree and single-thinking lifestyle continued as usual. That was until the results of the scan. A brain tumour stopped me in my tracks. Suddenly I had to rely on others. Moving out of my crime-ridden area was supposed to be a positive move towards recovery following the most mind bending experience of “awake” brain surgery. But Sarah and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our new home was in the flat beneath the neighbours from hell. Radiotherapy may have been easy if it hadn’t been for the scum determined to make our lives a misery, sending me to the brink of despair. With a lifestyle that featured an unhealthy amount of alcohol and facing up to my addictions and self-loathing, the early grave was looking more likely than the millionaire life I dreamed of.

Getting back to work and experiencing new cultures helped to put me back on track. Rather than dwell on my own self-pity I drew inspiration from the world and people around me until finally I’d gotten hold of a normal life. A normal life that didn’t last long. The townships in Africa, the petrol bombings, murders and car crashes that I’d witnessed in such a small space of time; none of them came close to the next chapter in my life. Finding out I would be a dad was one thing, but triplets? The path forward from there on in would prove to be chaotic but truly magical. The joys of a becoming a triplet father from that astonishing moment of the baby scan through to the events of the birth and beyond, coupled with the devastating deaths of good friends taught me the true meaning of life.

But all that was the easy bit…

Daniel Lewis

The Four Agreements:A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)


Sit at the foot of a native elder and listen as great wisdom of days long past is passed down. In The Four Agreements shamanic teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz exposes self-limiting beliefs and presents a simple yet effective code of personal conduct learned from his Toltec ancestors. Full of grace and simple truth, this handsomely designed book makes a lovely gift for anyone making an elementary change in life, and it reads in a voice that you would expect from an indigenous shaman. The four agreements are these: Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best. It’s the how and why one should do these things that make The Four Agreements worth reading and remembering. –P. Randall Cohan

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Alchemist


A special 25th anniversary edition of the extraordinary international bestseller, including a new Foreword by Paulo Coelho.

Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago’s journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life’s path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.


Paulo Coelho

The Boys in the Boat


Daniel James Brown’s The Boys in the Boat is the kind of nonfiction book that reads like a novel. Centered around the life of Joe Rantz—a farmboy from the Pacific Northwest who was literally abandoned as a child—and set during the Great Depression, The Boys in the Boat is a character-driven story with a natural crescendo that will have you racing to the finish. In 1936, the University of Washington’s eight-oar crew team raced its way to the Berlin Olympics for an opportunity to challenge the greatest in the world. How this team, largely composed of rowers from “foggy coastal villages, damp dairy farms, and smoky lumber towns all over the state,” managed to work together and sacrifice toward their goal of defeating Hitler’s feared racers is half the story. The other half is equally fascinating, as Brown seamlessly weaves in the story of crew itself. This is fast-paced and emotional nonfiction about determination, bonds built by teamwork, and what it takes to achieve glory. —Chris Schluep

Daniel James Brown
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College Students’ Sense of Belonging: A Key to Educational Success for All Students


College Students’ Sense of Belonging: A Key to Educational Success for All Students is a must-read for anyone interested in college student success, issues of retention or persistence, identity or institutional effectiveness. In this widely circulated book, Professor Terrell Strayhorn, a highly-sought public speaker and thought leader breaks new ground on the concept of sense of belonging in college, advances a theory of belonging, and demonstrates deftly that belonging is a consistent predictor of success in higher education whether measured by adjustment, first-year grades, retention, satisfaction, or graduation. It’s an information-rich, research-based guide that not only presents new findings and theory but practice recommendations for promoting belonging and ensuring student success.

College Students’ Sense of Belonging addresses these student sub-populations and campus environments. It offers readers practical guidelines, underpinned by theory and research, for helping students belong and thrive. Sense of belonging can come from peers, teachers or faculty, family members, social and academic groups, and living and learning environments. The book offers:

  • a review and critique of current literature on sense of belonging in light of new and emerging theory
  • a new conceptual model of belonging which helps the reader expand an understanding of sense of belonging
  • new and recent research findings from quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods studies conducted by the author
  • practical recommendations for improving educational environments, practices, policies, and programs to facilitate students’ sense of belonging on campus.

As one of the Foreword writers (Professor Sylvia Hurtado) said: Strayhorn brings greater clarity to the concept of belonging and tells the story masterfully with number and narratives that touch the heart and minds of readers. Indeed, it is worthy of the People’s Book Award.

Terrell L. Strayhorn

Hamptons Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember

The Hamptons are synonymous with parties: Whether it’s dinner on the dunes, post–horse show cocktails, or even family-style barbecues, from Memorial Day to early autumn, Long Island’s East End is truly the playground of the rich and famous. With her new book, Hamptons Entertaining, Annie Falk invites us into the seaside communities’ most beautiful estates. Eighteen lavishly photographed parties are featured, offering a wealth of inspiration for table settings and menus, along with entertaining tips that will serve for any occasion. More than 80 recipes—from a Watermelon Margarita and Cold Peach Soup to Lobster Salad on Buttery Crostini and Panamanian Chicken Pot Pie—highlight seasonal ingredients and local produce. A move from summer to fall serves up desserts like Pumpkin-Spiced Crème Brûlée and Apple Crisp with Caramel Drizzle. Tastemakers
include a glittering array of financial titans, media moguls, and even a former mayor of New York City. And, all the author’s proceeds are being donated to the Peconic Baykeeper.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing


Marie “KonMari” Kondo runs an acclaimed consulting business in Tokyo helping clients transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. With a three-month waiting list, her KonMari Method of decluttering and organizing has become an international phenomenon. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a best seller in Japan, Germany, and the UK, with more than two million copies sold worldwide, and has been turned into a television drama for Japanese TV. She has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time, featured on more than thirty major Japanese television and radio programs, and profiled in the Sunday Times, Red magazine, You magazine, the New York Times, USA Today, NPR’s Here & Now, Slate, Family Circle, and the London Times, who has deemed her “Japan’s preeminent guru of tidiness, a warrior princess in the war on clutter.”

Marie Kondo
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Everyday Super Food


Jamie Oliver started cooking at his parents’ pub, The Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex, at the age of eight. After leaving school he began a career as a chef that took him to the River Café, where he was famously spotted by a television production company.

His television and publishing career began in 1999 with The Naked Chef series. Since then he has set up Fifteen restaurant in London, changed school dinners in the UK and revolutionized home cooking. His charity, The Jamie Oliver Foundation, seeks to improve people’s lives through food.

He writes for publications in the UK and around the world, including his own Jamie Magazine. Jamie lives in London and Essex with his wife Jools and their children.

Jamie Oliver

Nothing on the Field: A message of hope from a recovering anorexic

Nothing on the Field: A message of hope from a recovering anorexic by Eileen Rand

Printed BookNothingField_Dark_Front

A raw account of what it is like to live with and die from anorexia.


Seafaring – The Full Story

Seafaring – The Full Story by Captain George P. Boughton

Printed Book

Times Literary Supplement: “This book is genuine sea salt. Warm colours of Mr Shoesmith’s pictures accord well with the romantic story” of days before steamships. Here is a book for sailors and for all who love the sea, written and illustrated by sailors. In this edition of Seafaring, which deals with ships and life aboard ships in the days before steam had conquered sail, a Prologue is added that tells of the tragic circumstances that led up to the author going to sea when aged twelve. An Epilogue also reveals his fortunes since writing the book. The men who spent the best part of their lives on sailing vessels are now gone but fortunately Captain Boughton, as one of them, committed to writing his first hand account of what their lives aboard were really like. The salt of the sea is in these breezy pages; they reflect the virile enjoyment with which the men of whom Captain Boughton writes faced the hardships of their existence. The work is beautifully illustrated by Kenneth D Shoesmith RI, a prolific artist whose works included several large pieces for the old Queen Mary. The inclusion of several of the traditional sea “chanties”, with the musical scores, and the end-papers that illustrate sailors’ knots, add the final flavour to an inspiring and enduring book.


Living at the Intersections: Social Identities & Black Collegians

Living at the Intersections: Social Identities & Black Collegians by Terrell L. Strayhorn

Printed BookIntersections

Book brings together diverse perspectives about ways to use intersectionality to study aspects of Black collegians’ experiences ranging from STEM to GLBT, from mentoring to spirituality.


College Students’ Sense of Belonging

College Students’ Sense of Belonging by Terrell L. Strayhorn

Printed Book
Book the presents author’s theory about belonging in college and the role it plays on student success. Uses a blend of captivating stories, personal reflections, and high-quality data from studies to vividly describe the ways belonging promotes or inhibits student success.


World Moving Love Quotations

World Moving Love Quotations by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann


121 World Moving Love Quotations – Love is not just a word; we can do wonders with the power of love, with the power of words and the power of our heart. And what would be; if there was no love in the world? The world would be covered with darkness. Our hearts, they were splintered like a thousand cold tears, and would lie on the ground, finally covered, with the dust of hopelessness.


World Moving Quotations

World Moving Quotations by Sir Kristian Goldmund AumannWorld

Printed Book

365 World Moving Quotations by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann 365 days a year; and the wind plays his game – and our precious time flees without turning around. “In the end; only love matters” Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann – Viewed in context; every day is an adventure, a little journey, a search for the true self. And, without doubt, every day is a day of seeing, watchful listening and learning. Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann’s quotes collection of a special kind is an artistic addition to your everyday life – expand your intellectual horizons; and dare to look outside the box, because it will be worth it.


Unbroken Circles for Schools

Unbroken Circles for Schools by Ken Johnson

Printed BookUnbroken

Unbroken Circles for Schools is a revolutionary program designed to help schools deal with student conflict and behavior issues. It combines the best of three; Restorative Justice, Collaborative Justice, and the author’s experience in mediation and negotiation. It is time for an improved and better method of managing troubled children. A unique program that offers schools and other agencies a better modality of CONFLICT RESOLUTION. The program tenders hope in troubled individuals, builds self-esteem, improves student performance, and fosters a greater sense of community within our at risk youth. This text defines the concepts, describes the methods to use and offers user friendly examples.


Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives

Akashic Records: CAkashicase Studies of Past Lives by Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

Printed Book

This book contains a collection of Akashic Records readings from a variety of subjects who came to Lois Wetzel over the years for “past life readings”. The lifetimes viewed are narrated by Lois, and at the end of each client’s session is a discussion between Lois and the client about the lives narrated. Also noted are the results in the client’s life from knowing about these lifetimes…weeks/months/or years later. One chapter includes a series of past life readings for one client over a period of about a year and a half.  All client names, descriptions and identifying information have been changed to protect the client’s privacy.

Lois explains how she came to have this ability, and how and when she stumbled into doing her first reading. Noted are that past lives can be seen simultaneously with another person. Some past lives were seen during energy medicine sessions. And there is information about children who spontaneously recall their own past lives.

The book has been described by readers as “fascinating…riveting…juicy…sexy…great story-telling quality…impossible to put down…sorry when it ended” and so on. Most readers claim that it is healing just to read about other people’s past lives.

This book is called “case studies” because data was collected in the same fashion as cultural  anthropologists use: via researcher observation and utilizing the self-reports of the subjects.


The Seven Deadly Sins

7deadlyThe Seven Deadly Sins by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

Printed Book

The Seven Deadly Sins, they run solely by the selfish pursuit of man to the debacle of an originally good. We know it, we know it too well that the theological understanding of sins includes the principle, as a basic requirement, that the rational man by his freedom and he has the choice – he can turn something good into evil. Be cited as examples: The result of self-conscious self-love, literary narcissism, is Pride. The joy of owning, it conjures up Greed. Lack of self-knowledge of one’s own weaknesses, it gives birth to Envy; and from the enjoyment of sexuality, uninhibited and selfish, Lust is created – because the man in these matters – has fallen into a pervasive selfishness.


Yohannes Ishi

Yohannes Ishi by Nabse Bamato


Born in Ethiopia, but adopted by a British couple, Yohannes grows up far from his cultural roots. Following the death of his adoptive mother, he is persuaded to return to the beautiful, yet seemingly impossible nation, to take on a teaching job.

With no memories of the land of his birth and no knowledge of the language or culture, Yohannes finds himself a virtual stranger. He meets a whole raft of interesting characters, each with their own story to tell, including Abeba, who helps him not only to learn about his country, but also to make discoveries about himself.

Yohannes Ishi is a light read, but, at the same time, it paints vivid pictures of contemporary Ethiopia and successfully explores issues of identity and belonging. It is full of memorable and, often humorous, characters and evocative locations. While introducing you to, or reminding you of, Addis Ababa it will certainly raise a smile or two along the way.


The Pact

The Pact by CN Bringthpact


Commander Celia Kelly is a perceptive Naval Intelligence Officer rebuilding her life after the tragic disappearance of her husband. Newly assigned a mission planning Intel for a SEAL Team…The suspicious suicide of a fellow Officer has Kelly questioning everything. Kelly discovers she’s been set up. Digging relentlessly, nothing is as it seems. Someone is after twenty million dollars that disappeared when Kelly’s husband went MIA and now that someone is after her! With surprises at the turn of every page, the original characters and three dimensional plot lines keep the suspense going until the very end.


Letters Left Unsent

Letters Left Unsent by J.

*Letters Left Unsent* goes where few authors have gone before, by giving a non-fiction, non-memoir look at the work and life of a humanitarian through the eyes of a full-time, professional humanitarian worker.

Follow the thought journey of veteran aid worker, blogger, and indie author as he grapples with the question of how to *be* an aid worker, and what that means.

Aid worker, blogger, and humanitarian fiction author, J., pulls together a collection of previously published blog posts and articles, edited and distilled for use by students, instructors, and anyone else who has ever dreamed of being a humanitarian.


Life In Color: Taking The Journey

Life In Color: Taking The Journey by Shellie Palmer

Printed BookLife

The daily account of testimony and poetry of inspiration,moving forward from pain and grief to living joy and reflective moments in one’s life. The continuing journey of our lives to where we met in the world, in life.


I Didn’t Know Breastfeeding Would Be So Hard!

I Didn’t Know Breastfeeding Would Be So Hard! by Mimi Koay

Printed Bookbreastfeeding

For moms who have difficulty breastfeeding. You are not alone. I hope that by sharing my story, you will feel comforted and encouraged to hang in there.

Sometimes breastfeeding is not the most natural and easiest thing to do. Sometimes breastfeeding is like a dance which you have to practice over and over again with your breastfeeding dance partner till you get it right.

This is the story of how a mother who had difficulty breastfeeding overcame her difficulty with perseverance and a never give up attitude.


Questionable Autism

Questionable Autism by Susan Louise Peterson

Printed Bookquestionable_picture

The book Questionable Autism is focused on opening discussions about a variety of autism topics.
Looking at professional, parenting, research and testing issues numerous questions are developed
to consider the broad impact of autism topics for both parents and professionals. Author
Susan Louise Peterson weaves her experiences as an educator and school psychologist for young
children into a discussion of some of the major issues impacting the field of autism.  Questionable Autism
includes many real world examples related to parenting topics, field issues and general practices in the
area of autism. Questionable Autism has opened the door for broader discussions in the field of autism.