Xenon Phobia

I was Dead. When the medical examiner cut away the clothes that covered my lifeless corpse to perform the routine autopsy, he saw the warning that I had etched into the cold dead flesh that was once the skin that covered my flat stomach:

The time of my death was 3:15 AM. The cause of my death was a lethal dose of Morphine that was injected directly into my heart. My death was ruled as a homicide, But there’s only one problem with that. I am still here, and now I have a little vendetta to take care of. -Xenon Aira 54

He appeared so confused as to why the CSI team didn’t mention that there were words cut into my skin. He turned to get his camera so he could document this newly found evidence in the case of my murder. When he turned to take the picture, I cut the lights. I didn’t want that message to fall into the wrong hands. Using the fire of my wrath, I burned my body in the darkness. Watching it burn was liberating. When the lights came on any resemblance of me was gone. To the human world I, Xenon Aira, was gone, but hate doesn’t die that easily.

A Forsaken Soul: The Necessity of Self-Degradation in Prison Survival

What would you do to survive? Convicted of a felony crime, teenager Mike Crawford finds himself in the dark and brutal world of prison life, a world where a caring and compassionate young man is haunted by the memories of life outside and hunted by the predators inside. In learning just what it takes to survive, he awakens the demons lying within. A Forsaken Soul, the debut short story by Michael Hoard, is a story about transformation that will leave you saddened and shocked.

Michael Hoard

Halloween: A Tale of Disaster

Written in five character dialogue by Mr. House, he had to jump into 5 children characters throughout this entire book.  This isn’t an everyday task and to be consistent with each character in story/script form.  The book is a children’s Horror/Thriller book which takes you on an adventure filled with laughs, horror, and a well put together plot all the way through keeping you wanting to read more and more.  The characters are well named and depicted.  He ensures each character sticks to their role as well.  You will be on the edge of your seat and your children with this book.

Anthony C House

Inside My Mind

Interesting show of the intenseness of how his mind works in linking together words with thoughts and feelings in one book of poems.  I could really feel his direction and his poems kept me captivated in wondering what moment he was in to have sat and wrote each poem.  I think it isn’t the writer, but figuring where they are and what sparks their mind to connect to their thoughts and write poetry or what life moments brought it out.  The book is a mix of poems which direct you different ways and touch you for different reasons.  The poems are well versed and perfect length.  He is a modern day genius with precision and even shows passion within his approach.

Anthony C House
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Insanity of Love


N Daniel
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Dark & Twisty: A Twisted Anthology of Short Stories

Kindle cover Dark and Twisty copy.jpgDARK AND TWISTY promises a collection of short, succinct, sometimes quirky short stories with a dark, emotive edge and intriguing twist.

All net profit generated from sales of the paperback and ebook will be donated directly to Worldwide Cancer Research via www.justgiving.com/darktwisty. Additionally, should you want to directly support this fund you can via the just giving link above.

Rachel McGrath

She Dances In Books

In real life those in a coma like state are usually given up on. How does anyone know what goes on in the minds of those presumed to be in a comatose state? Professionals can only run tests and give their evaluations.
Zetty, the main character in this book, does not even know her own life she’s living is just a dream in a coma like state, dreams her mind has created to help her cope. She is helped along her way by a butterfly and a moth.

Doni Gleaton

Too True for Lies: A Child’s Story

Cover -Too True For Liesx166.jpg

A Child’s Story is memories transformed into an exciting story that impacts all of your emotions. Too True For Lies has volumes of twist and turns. It will make you look back and forth through the pages and you will say at the end “No Way!” The main character David tells his story as he struggles through an ever changing environment. We can agree life isn’t all ways trouble-free but it has more than its share of troubles for the child that goes through it in the absence of an adult.


“I wondered why the sex in those books looked a lot different than the other books. These books had pictures of famous cartoons. I remember looking at pictures of Betty Boop, Superman, and Archie and the Gang. In one of these books, I remember that the people were having sex everywhere. One boy accidentally stuck another boy in the butt. I thought that was weird.”

Oh boy!

Stephen D. Matthews

Floyd The Dog Story Book Commemorative

Floydthedog cover z.jpg

Mr. Don G. Ford

The Tinder Diaries

We all have those comical memories of dates we were praying would end, only to look back on it a week later and laugh with our friends. Tinder, though helping many young Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.02.06 PM.pngromantics find a partner, has also brought with it a new wave of hilarious stories and failed dates. What makes this anthology so well rounded, is that it is not exclusive to any gender or orientation. We have collected stories from across the spectrums that everyone can relate to or laugh with. Many of our authors elected to use pen names, and we did not allow the use of last names due to privacy concerns. But please, sit back, and enjoy this delightful anthology, highlighting the comical side of searching for romance in the digital age.

Earl of Plaid
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The Little Black Book

It was described as a literary EP on the author’s website. The Little Black Book is a pocket book of four short stories, each dealing with self identity through a magical/supernatural filter. It is a gritty, short read, with powerful imagery.

R.K. Gold

Fateful Misconceptions

Fateful Misconceptions by Steven J Smith & Edward Prosser

Printed Bookfmcover

Fateful Misconceptions’ is a collection of 7 diverse short stories; spanning different eras, multiple genres and numerous continents. At times; poignant, emotional and passionate, in parts; deceitful, ironic or laced with dark humour. All contain a fateful decision which drives each story forward with the resulting and sometimes surprising consequences for our characters. Award winning stories from established author, Steven J Smith, entwine comfortably with the fresh approach of new writer; Edward Prosser. The combined work adds considerable depth and dimension to create a truly thought provoking series of tales for the reader to enjoy and contemplate long after finishing the book.


It Lives in the Basement

It Lives in the Basement by Sahara Foley


One day your three cats disappear, the next day, your girlfriend. And you think something that’s living in your basement killed them. You’ve seen it before, out of the corner of your eye, but told yourself it was one of the cats. Now, you disappear.

At a gruesome murder scene, Detective Carter and Sergeant Alvarez must uncover the truth of how the victim actually died. What they discover is evidence of an unknown creature. Do they dare go into the basement to confront it? Who will survive?


The Poetry Diaries

The Poetry Diaries by Shellie Palmer

ThePoetryPrinted Book

The beginning and journey of the author through poetry, inspiration, a general perspective on life and living.


The Paradise of Exiles

The Paradise of Exiles by Steven J Smith


This is a modern day short story, set in the tropical paradise of the Riviera Maya in Mexico where the peaceful, perfect days are shattered with the murder of a tourist. The murderer can only be one of the few people staying in the luxury hotel but which one is it? A true detective story for lovers of the genre and those new to the growing cult of crime fiction stories.


No Fluffy Animals

No Fluffy Animals by Ian Davies

Printed Book

A collection of short fiction works for children aged 12 to 112 from the author of the Charlie Rabbit’s Adventures series, but as you may tell from the title, there are no fluffy animals in this one!
The collection includes:
A few ghostly and supernatural short scary stories, some science fiction works and a few verses written by the author to complete this collection of short fiction works.


Glimmer and other stories

Glimmer and other stories by Nicola McDonagh

Printed Book

Glimmer and other stories is a collection of seven compelling and darkly humorous stories that deal with obsession, loss, redemption and hope.
In these tales of mysterious liaisons, supernatural intrigue, deathly hauntings and disturbing fixations, characters reveal hidden secrets, forbidden urges, untold yearnings and skills in necromancy.


Heritage of Deceit

Heritage of Deceit by Graham Downs


While surfing the Internet, Lloyd believes he’s found a relic from an old genocide. If he’s right, the artefact would be worth a ton of money, and it will give lots of people closure when they find out what really happened to their families.

But it won’t be easy to find out.


A Petition to Magic

A Petition to Magic by Graham Downs


Queen Celeste rose to power a month ago, after the sudden death of her mother.
Desperate to prove herself, she agrees to hear the case of a simple farmer who claims a neighbour stole his cow.
(A Petition to Magic is a short fantasy story)


After the Fall: Tales of the Apocalypse – A Collection of Short Stories

After the Fall: Tales of the Apocalypse – A Collection of Short Stories by Robert Holtom, Thomas Brown, Andrew Saxsma, Paul S. Huggins, Damon DiMarco, Javier Moyano Perez, Errick A. Nunnally, Liam K. Brown, Andrea Mullaney


A desolate landscape, wracked with upheaval, the uncanny nature of a place once so familiar. A revelation of what was formerly undisclosed, the harbingers of apocalypse are edging ever closer…

The wasteland of abandoned memories, the end of the world or a chance for a new beginning. Be it a personal apocalypse, or one of great cataclysm, the stories that arise from the rubble are tales of aftermath and tales of survival. Bridging the gap between Science Fiction and Horror, the gothic overtones of the apocalyptic imagination are explored to their full extent in these short stories.

After the Fall: Tales of the Apocalypse is a collection of twenty short stories from some of the best up-and-coming writers of modern science fiction. All apocalyptic or dystopian in nature, some stories bring laughter, while others bring tears, but each is unique in its interpretation of the theme.


Ringlands: A Kaplan Short Story

Ringlands: A Kaplan Short Story by Korban Blake


After the suspicious deaths of his online friends, George Kaplan, an Internet activist, suspects his own life is also in danger and has no choice but to go on the run. Can he survive the seemingly relentless pursuit of the man he knows as ‘Glasses’, a tireless hunter with a murder mission and advanced technology at his disposal?

RINGLANDS is approximately 48 pages (approx. 12,000 words) in length and is the first of the Kaplan short stories, set in modern Britain.

RINGLANDS is dedicated to the memory and work of Aaron H. Swartz, November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013. Champion of citizen-driven political change.

Praise for Ringlands:
“Gripped, from start to finish. There is a strong message here – world, take notice and act NOW, before it’s too late!” – Abigail Hart

About the author
Korban Blake has published numerous articles, poetry, and short stories and writes across multiple genres. Korban’s debut novel, Extant, will be published in the autumn 2013 by Archaeopteryx Books, and non-fiction guide, Surviving The Cuts and Other Disasters is currently at the editing stage. Ravenous Cavernous is also available as an eBook (ISBN: 9781301766505)

Korban Blake has worked as a journalist, an editor for a local newspaper, a private investigator and process server, and lives in the East Anglia region of the United Kingdom.


The Speed of Dark

The Speed of Dark by Edited by Clayton Clifford Bye

Printed Book

27 strangely different and disturbing short horror stories by 19 talented authors from around the world.


Leaping Out On Faith

Leaping Out On Faith by Rochelle Campbell


“Leaping Out On Faith” is a collection of four short stories about the choices women make at the various stages of our lives. As in life, sometimes the decision each of the four women make is not the best path for them. While in other stories, it is the perfect choice.


Anatomy of a Poet

Anatomy of a Poet by CJ Heck

Printed Book

Direct, beautifully expressed poetry without a hint of pretension …

Too often poetry is written so abstractly that it leaves the reader with more questions as to the point of the writing, rather than the insight, or inspiration. This is NOT true of these poetic verses. The words are indeed poignant, resonating feelings to the reader — words from the heart that penetrate the soul.

“Anatomy of a Poet” was written by the author over a period of nearly forty years. The poetry is rich with memoir, rife with humor and, at times, very sensual in nature.


Tales of Cowchip Alabama

Author Norman E. Morrison presents humor, mystery, and science fiction from the southern perspective via Amazon Kindle. 

CCReaderForFableshopYou’ll want to examine his first short story collection called THE COWCHIP READER. Tales also sold separately.

Come along with the foremost interpreter of the south, Norman Morrison, for tales with a certain southern flavor well calculated to keep you glued to your electronic screen long after the first stroke of midnight.

Meet Mynerd Troft, a failed and unemployed meat packing employee on a job interview at a secret location in Cowchip Alabama where he learns a secret so monstrous and deadly that the world of management cowers in fright that you too should discover their malevolent and vicious secret.

String along with Port Love, the assistant manager down at the Cowchip Cafe in Cowchip Alabama as he struggles with a seemingly omnipotent alien who threatens the very survival of mankind while demanding extra hash browns with his burger to satiate his blood thirsty and unnatural cravings.

Cringe in terror as you follow along with old man Poppin of the Poppin Hill Community near Cowchip Alabama who revels in death by frying pan while screaming to the world that he hates crispy bacon and all those who would consume it. A spell binding tale of southern crime mystery!

Watch Norm, who just happens to be the most powerful man in the world, and just happens to reign over his worldly domain from the RYO Corporation Building located in downtown Cowchip Alabama find his lost soul (With a little help from his personal angel) on Christmas Eve.

Then later on, way later on, sit on the edge of your seat as you watch Muttonhead Rex at work on the RYO Corporation gas-ice mining operation on Europa devising ways to downsize the company. That is, send several hundred slackers naked out an airlock to satisfy the whims of the RYO Corporation head office back on earth in, you guessed it, Cowchip Alabama.

A short time later, ride along with control operations pals, Torgersen and Maloney on the RYO Corp space ice freighter ‘The Three Virgins’ gliding silently and deadly between Europa and Mars as they implement their plan to space their hated boss Melancho. Hateful rascal!

Tales of Cowchip Alabama and the sinister RYO Corporation as fresh as today and as deadly as tomorrow. All in good fun with a little southern lingo thrown in for spice. The characters you’ll meet mean no harm. Just trying to get along the best they can.

Says The Cowchip Alabama Gazette:Another tour de force by Morrison!

The Cowchip Reader Volume 1 is a selection of six short stories and novellas in the Cowchip Alabama and RYOCorp series by Norman Morrison. A seriously good read!

View THE COWCHIP READER and read the first story for FREE! See the full review on Norm’s site FableShop.net

I want to personally thank the author of TheBookAwards.com website for giving me this opportunity to place my work here. The site itself is a bold concept and I wish the owner all of the success in the world. He or she is welcome to visit Cowchip/AL whenever possible and to dine with me at The Cowchip Cafe.

Norman Morrison


Figments by Julie Elizabeth Powell


I couldn’t resist putting together all those little ideas that have popped into my mind then out onto paper as the years have flown. Most have fallen by the wayside into the bin of ‘of my’ but some stayed and here they are.

These pieces have also tested my abilities and certainly stretched my brain towards a variety of genres, styles and ways of looking at the world and the people in it.

From comedy to a touch of horror, romance, fantasy and fun to solemn, and maybe some things in between – I’ve had a go.

Hope you like this collection – how could I help but indulge; like that first piece of dark chocolate and sip of rich, steaming coffee, while snuggling with my soul mate on a freezing winter’s night?