Dissonance in A Minor

Dissonance in A Minor by Nicole Disney

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Rainn never meant to fall in love, and definitely not with a meth addict. Living in the alley is dangerous, but she’s found the beauty in having nothing to lose. It has also provided her the focus to single-mindedly pursue her only dream. Though controlling her wild bandmates is an unrelenting struggle, Rainn knows they’re close to breaking out of their dive bar and into the real scene.
But Jaselle is the only one who doesn’t see Rainn as the homeless girl. Her ability to look past the ripped clothes and into the meaning of Rainn’s lyrics makes her worth the love Rainn has trained herself not to feel. But as Rainn is coming out of her emotional coma, Jaselle is falling into numbness, desperation, and dependence on the drug that’s taken everything from her.
Rainn already lost her brother, Michael, when he suddenly died of asphyxiation from huffing butane. She thinks she already knows this road. Hoping to succeed where she failed before, Rainn devotes herself to saving Jaselle. But the drug is smarter than she expects, and soon she’s faced with adversity she could never have prepared for, putting both their souls and lives on the line.


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