Enchantment’s Deception

Enchantment’s Deception by Amber Averay


A world where bedtime fables tell of trolls kidnapping witches to feed to the Creatures in the Maze, and legends abound of ferocious dragons in nests of scorching flame.

A planet governed by mighty stone heads who seek to control every realm, from the merfolk to the unicorns.

A jewel of the Universe, fought over by ruthless alien races wanting to claim it for themselves and cause great fear and destruction along the way.

It is a place of secrets and sorcery, lies and legends, wars and wickedness; and a witch, caught between the wrongs of the past and deceptions of the present, seeks to discover the truth upon this world of mystery and magic.


One thought on “Enchantment’s Deception

  1. A thoroughly engaging read with well rounded characters and a well thought out universe.
    It’s the kind of book that is like fairy floss, once you take that first bite you are hooked and just can’t stop devouring it until it’s finished.
    I loved the characters; how they were each so individual and personalised, there were no flat pasted in fill-in’s, it allowed you to fully connect with their stories and the voices that each of them had.
    The story as well had a wonderfully natural flow to it, which left me eager for more at the end of the book.
    If you like books that will eat your time like a kid with candy, then this is the book for you for once you read that first page you won’t want to put it down until you’ve read the very last word.

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