Extra Chilli Sauce

Extra Chilli Sauce by John Skillenxcs


I couldn’t stop myself. I continually booted and stamped on his face. Years of frustration were in every stamp. I had to make sure he didn’t get up. His head fell to one side, arms motionless beside him, his body now still. I stared at him through narrowed eyes and balled fists, hatred burning through my veins… John Skillen is an aggressive nineteen year old with a criminal record who attracts violent confrontation wherever he goes. His life is one brutal fight after another. How did he break this cycle of violence? How did he overcome his prison record and obtain employment? How did he use his toughness and ability to win fights to provide a benefit to society? This is the fascinating story of his transformation from being a victim driven by violence to a life where he is in control of his destiny.


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