FLOWER CITY BLUES by Allen Rosenberg


SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK ’n’ ROLL: Plug in your way-back machine and get ready for a far-out street level romp from innocence to experience

Follow Fonzal Raab, the laid-back young owner of the city’s first head shop, on a wild street level odyssey through the Flower City at the end of the Psychedelic Sixties and the beginning of the Funky Seventies. It is a no holds barred rip-roaring tale packed with in-your-face dialog and populated with a gallery of sinister characters from both sides of the law.

Fonzal befriends Don Valentine, the self-indulgent, street-savvy owner of the Sandman Lounge. Fonzal smokes pot and wears bellbottoms; Don drinks Scotch and wears leisure suits. It’s like a buddy movie from hell.

Fonzal gets his new found friend to make introductions to the kind of people who will pay big bucks for one of Fonzal’s illegal Blue Boxes, people like the city’s mobbed-up wise-guys
and wise-guy-wannabes. Throughout the story Fonzal deals with mobsters, radicals, and a drug deal gone bad, very bad. He dodges the cops, the DA, the FBI, phone company security, and a real bullet.

When Fonzal isn’t peddling Blue Boxes he makes time to party-hardy with a strange mix of friends and lovers, exotic dancers, and even a famous Rock star.

On the outside, Fonzal looks like a man who has his shit together. On the inside, Fonzal’s heart is breaking as he struggles to remain relevant in his young daughter’s life, watches helplessly as his father battles the ravages of dementia, and looks for real love.

So, plug in your way-back machine, close your eyes, and join Fonzal in the vanished world of Easy Rider, Goodfellas, and Fritz the Cat filled with outrageous events, tender moments, and huge belly laughs.



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