Glass Half Full: Our Australian adventure

Glass Half Full: Our Australian adventure by Sarah Jane Butfield


Glass Half Full is a true account of a woman and her family achieving the dream of a new life in Australia. When adversity and Mother Nature tested them, it took determination and unending positivity to hold this family together. Read their inspirational story, and dare to follow your dreams.

6 thoughts on “Glass Half Full: Our Australian adventure

  1. After reading this book I was SO proud of my sister Sarah I first bought it for my sisters sake but right from the first page I was hooked and read it for my own enjoyment a truly inspirational read ,

  2. I know I am bias (being the father-in-law) but it’s all true and seeing it all put so very cleverly to the written word, it leaves me spellbound after knowing how hard Sarah has worked on her dream to be a writer. Then to see the fruits of her labour put into practice. Sarah’s book “Glass Half Full” is worth your time to read.

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