Heaven, Inc. – A Helluva Novel

Heaven, Inc. – A Helluva Novel by Alan Taffel


When Marvin Miller dies, he finds Heaven different than he imagined: there are no Pearly Gates, no puffy clouds, and certainly no winged angels playing harps. In fact, Marvin discovers Heaven is run like a business and that he is expected to contribute to the Heavenly community by holding a job that puts him in direct contact with the Devil, a roguish, rebellious golf fanatic.

As part of Heaven’s Management Team, Marvin encourages residents to donate parts of their souls in order to create new life on Earth. However, when he falls for Bree, a rebellious activist who suspects the donations are not entirely voluntary, Marvin must confront Good versus Evil in the Heavenly realm as well as manage a Heavenly crisis of epic proportions.

Between Marvin, Bree, the Devil, and a wondrous cat named Zoey, Heaven will never be the same.


5 thoughts on “Heaven, Inc. – A Helluva Novel

  1. I enjoyed reading this novel very mucho and gave it 5 stars because even though is a funny book, it has a meaningful message about life and happiness. It covers religion but it is not a religious book so everyone with an open mind can enjoy it.

  2. Loved the book! Love the style of writing and the humor in the story. Looking forward to the next book! I did give it 5 stars!

  3. I tried to give this book five stars but the computer wouldn’t let me.
    Really enjoyed this light, interestingly thoughtful book. A very nice read.

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