Honeysuckle Lane

Honeysuckle Lane by Squid McFinnigan


Honeysuckle Lane is a street like any other, with secrets behind every door.

Compulsive gambler Frank O’Shea is trying to hide his addiction from his family, but that’s hard to do with the local gangster and loan-shark coming to collect.

Next door to the O’Sheas, the Murphys are a young and upwardly-mobile couple whose marriage is thrown into ruins by Martha Murphy’s instant attraction to their sexy new neighbor.

Across the street from the Murphys, the Sweenys’ abusive patriarch, Pat, has finally pushed his wife, Mary, to the breaking point. Their teenage daughter, Angie, finds escape whenever possible in the company of her boyfriend, Tony, whose life is in danger when the neighborhood creep sets his eyes on Angie.

As the residents of Honeysuckle Lane’s stories collide, their secrets spill out for the world to see . . .


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