House of Pigs

House of Pigs by Christopher Ritchiepigs

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ForeWord Reviews Book Of The Year Awards (BOTYA) 2013, Horror Finalist. A world where nothing is as it seems. A dark mystery novel, a surreal journey where only the unseen know the truth, a truth that Joe didn’t know he needed to find until his world was turned inside out. As he uncovers the disturbing connections between his own murky past and those who hunt him, he has no choice but to follow the leads to a dire conclusion. The author, a writer and musician based near London, is currently working on his next novel, which will be along similar lines. REVIEWS – Vitina Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews: This story “needs to be read to even begin to grasp Ritchie’s vision”. His “alternate worlds – may throw you for an entertaining loop”. Rebbie Reviews: House of Pigs will “horrify you with some really gritty and gory events – I love the imagery and the pace”.

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