Hunting Man Made Killers

Hunting Man Made Killers by Steven Soul


The second book in the Man Made Killer trilogy. Another action packed, fast paced page turner from the March 2015 kindle edition winner!
The story continues….
Number 36 wants domination and is sure he will get it once he manages to kill the humans that stand in his way. 36 and his team were created to save the planet from the alien invasion, which they did quickly and efficiently. But now who will save the humans against their own weapon? Who is big enough, strong enough, and intelligent enough to beat the leader of the clones? Angelina, Oscar and Trevor have captured a clone. Angelina is hoping that it will give them useful information, but can he help them in other ways too? The clones are finally down to an almost manageable number, the humans must try to hunt the last of them down and kill them before they can grow in numbers again. The race is on.

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