INCEPTIO by Alison Morton


New York, present day, alternate reality. Karen Brown, angry and frightened after a kidnap attempt, has a choice – being eliminated by government enforcer Jeffery Renschman or fleeing to mysterious Roma Nova, her dead mother’s homeland in Europe.

Founded sixteen centuries ago by Roman exiles and ruled by women, Roma Nova gives Karen safety, at a price, and a ready-made family. Just as she’s finding her feet, a shocking discovery about her new lover, special forces officer Conrad Tellus, isolates her.

But the enforcer has crossed to Europe to pursue her. Unable to rely on anybody else, she undergoes intensive training, develops fighting skills and becomes an undercover cop. But crazy with bitterness at his past failures, Renschman sets a trap for her, knowing she has no choice but to spring it…

“Grips like a vice – a writer to watch out for.” – Adrian Magson author of the Harry Tate spy thrillers

“Terrific. Brilliantly plotted original story, grippingly told and cleverly combining the historical with the futuristic. It’s a real edge-of-the seat read, genuinely hard to put down.” – Sue Cook, writer and broadcaster

“I loved it! Intriguing, unusual and thought-provoking. Karen develops from a girl anyone of us could know into one of the toughest heroines I’ve read for a while. Roma Nova was a world I really wanted to visit – and not just to meet Conrad – vivid and compelling. A pacey, suspenseful thriller with a truly dreadful villain, I can’t recommend Inceptio enough.” – Kate Johnson, author of The UnTied Kingdom

“Tense, fast-paced and deliciously inventive, Alison Morton’s INCEPTIO soon had me turning the pages. Very Dashiell Hammett.” – Victoria Lamb, author of The Queen’s Secret & Gripping.

“Alison Morton creates a fully realised world of what could have been. Breathtaking action, suspense, political intrigue… Inceptio is a tour de force!” – Russell Whitfield, author of Gladiatrix and Roma Victrix

2 thoughts on “INCEPTIO

  1. Not the sort of book I would normally read, but once started I couldn’t put it down. Will certainly be looking out for more of Alison Morton’s books

  2. INCEPTIO is a book I normally would not have thought to read. I’m usually happier with reality but INCEPTIO swept me away to a world which has only slightly tilted and which Morton has meticulously built up. I found myself on the edge of my pillow for Karen/Carina, the heroine, who faces her tormentor with such courage, and loved the wholly believable matriarchal world of Roma Nova. The characters are terrific and stay with you. Luckily, we meet most of them again in Morton’s next book, just out, called PERFIDITAS.

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