Inshallah by Sybil Powell


Inshallah (God willing) tells the tale of a handsome English Christian boy and a beautiful Saudi Muslim girl who quite by accident fall in love in a country where the relationship is impossible. Banned on both religious and cultural grounds the difficulties the couple have to surmount leads the story through many twists and turns to the point where they are discovered by her brother. At this point the brother has the choice of supporting his sister or his religion and it is this dilemma gives an insight into the workings of a Muslim Saudi mind.
Originally written in 1978 it is of that time when Saudi Arabia had recently become a united country but a country of contrasts, between the more and less religious elements, between the rich and the poor, between a desire to modernise and a desire to maintain the discipline of the old. This forms the background to the novel and highlights the challenges facing the young couple.
The end leaves the reader to make up their own mind as to rights and wrongs of the tale.

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