Isis Code

Isis Code by Ariane Page

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In the same way an acorn becomes an oak tree, evolution pushes us towards our destiny. When its path is blocked, anxiety, depression, chronic physical and mental illnesses ensue and happiness cannot be achieved.

At this time, we are immobilized on this path and have now become similar to laboratory rats that would bar press 6,000 times in 40 minutes to get their cocaine fix. We try every kind of stimulation offered by consumerism in the hope of reaching happiness. It simply does not work that way. Our brain is an expression of the model which unfolds through evolution. Isis Code invites the readers to decipher this model by embarking on a pilgrimage through the Reptilian, Mammalian, Human, Analytical and Universal brain aspects and to emerge, freed, with a clearer vision of what, why, how and who we are.”

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