Jaded Feelings

Jaded Feelings by TL Jones


Jade has a special talent, too bad that problem gets her into one precidament after another. But things aren’t all bad, she has a new husband by her side and a new business to get off the ground. With their first offficial case thrust upon them, Jade and Ryan are charged with finding a missing teenage girl, before it’s too late.
And if a possible kidnapping isn’t enough a random piece of mail sparks a new vision. Jade sees a woman’s murder, but this time things feel different. Is it already too late, or can she and Ryan find this woman and save her life?
With each vision more intese than the last, Jade realizes her visions are no longer random. Her gift has taken a new form and Jade needs to get a handle on it before things get really out of control. Feeling alone with her talents, Jade seeks out the knowledge of others like her. Oh, and her new office is haunted by a ghost with an attitude.


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