Last Dance of the Vestris

Last Dance of the Vestris by Clint Olivier

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In November 1928, more than a hundred passengers were looking forward to a pleasant voyage from New York City to South America when the overloaded and leaky Vestris steamed into a massive storm. On the second night out, two giant waves pounded the liner and inflicted a wound from which she would never recover. Within hours, the Vestris was on her way to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving behind a debris field teeming with heroes, cowards, the living and the dead. News of the disaster occupied front pages for weeks, but in the ensuing decades, the Vestris and her passengers were forgotten by history. Having taken place a year before the Crash of 1929 and a decade before the Second World War, The sinking was overshadowed by much larger news events and ignored by historians – until now. Written in the spirit of Walter Lord’s classic “A Night to Remember,” “Last Dance of the Vestris” is the gripping true story of the fateful last voyage of a once-grand British liner and the harrowing experiences of the men, women and children who struggled to survive her sinking.

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