Love Poems: Love Conquers All

Love Poems: Love Conquers All  by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumannlove

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LOVE POEMS by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann The power of Love from the words – millions of stars light up, dance from heaven; where the gold crescent moon on the horizon. And a smile on your lips, and there where your angel hair; kisses from your eyes, and it smells intoxicating for Love. I pluck a white rose for you – it grows out of the asphalt – where the warmth of your skin… And I am no longer a stranger in the noisy streets; where singing lights deep in my heart – and the darkness, suddenly, thousands Light-years far far away from me. Interview with Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann We talk about the Book Love Poems by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann. Kristian, let’s talk about the magic of love from your book Love Poems. Can you define in a few words the magic of love? Lyrically speaking: When love came into the world there was a magic in the air, this touching moment made our hearts beating – and amazement, she, kept our eyes open. Wonderful. Do you think, that love survives everything? Of course, I am firmly convinced. What would be; if there was no love in the world? The world would be covered with darkness. Our hearts, they were splintered like a thousand cold tears, and would lie on the ground, finally covered, with the dust of hopelessness. Do you think love can create miracles? We can do wonders with the power of love, with the power of words and the power of our heart. Do you think passion is equated with love? Passion can be a very negative force, they can burn us inside and we can easily fall into a dependency. True love, on the contrary, makes us free. True love is not demanding and true love is not possessive. A poem from your book, I am particularly remember. The Title is: Fall into you. How did it originate? Fall into you From behind From front Into you Look meteoric Fallen in your eyes Out of the blue In your mouth Glory of the stars In your hair Smell of musk On your skin Fall in love with you The poem has been written by himself. It was once in Florence and it was an almost bre! athless night, there where the famous balcony, with the couple, that the world has put up still in awe. I thought of Romeo and Juliet. Does it exist, the eternal love? I’ll answer with a poem. In the hours that we still remain Touch me like it was the first time In the minutes that we still remain Kiss me as if it is the first time In the seconds that we still remain Love me as would be the first time A golden principle is expressed in this poem. I think if you stick to it, then love for eternity is probably possible. Why Kristian, makes us love so bright? It comes from our hearts and our eyes shine over the entire body of it, and warm words they flow from our lips. Deep feelings of a quiet broad river, he constantly feeds our inner self. For these precious moments of life let’s keep the love alive forever. A critical question: Do you think, that would be more love in the world there would be no wars? I respond to this question with a clear and joyful ,YES. Love is a symbol of mutual tolerance and unbiased vision. We should meet each person with love and respect, regardless of nationality, color, or religion. Permeated by love, no one takes up arms, to kill others. Ninth and last question: Where can we find love? Ohh thats great, nine of questions are very good – we could say "Nine questions" lead to Love. Open your heart, love will find you. Open your eyes, you’ll see love. Open your mouth and you’ll speak full of love. This is the secret? Yes, it is – the secret of true and pure love.

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