Manners Cost Everything

Manners Cost Everything by Paul David Chambersmanners


Robbie is a man like you and me. He gets through life trying to do the right thing, he respects his elders and watches his pleases and thank you’s. Then one day, an encounter makes him snap. He develops an alter ego that unbeknownst to him, wreaks revenge on anyone crossing his path that has been disrespectful, ill-mannered or just plain rude. The two parts of him continue separately, one living a life of success and excess and the other leaving a bloody trail of murder and revenge. Only the ‘grey outs’ Robbie suffers are a clue that anything is awry.
Meanwhile, an up and coming Detective Lentus has his world rocked by the first of these vicious murders, ironically his first case; and vows to chase down and bring to justice his evil Nemesis whilst being haunted by the ghost of his murdered sister (that he knows isn’t there). Spanning the years 1996 to 2015, the trilogy will rampage its visceral course through the history, music, culture, sexual exploits and technological advances of the time. Manners Costs Everything covers the years 1996 to 2001.
Written in shockingly graphic detail, with dark humour and an adult erotic tinge; this series of books is for the open minded lovers of horror as well as crime fiction.

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