MILLION 1.1 MILLION The Bane Of My Life

MILLION 1.1 MILLION The Bane Of My Life by Hanifa Danyal

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“Sixteen year old Hanifa is a girl that is forced to become a woman, when she finds herself forced into an abusive marriage. Not knowing where to turn for help, she experiences heartbreak and misery before escaping and finally falling for the man of her dreams. An investment banker with a bright future, Hanifa starts a family but soon finds herself and her family go through trials that would break the strongest of spirits. Hanifa refuses to give up and finds enlightenment through a spiritual man who reveals a new path to hope. Even in her darkest of days, the force of the human spirit sees its way through. A tale of strength, survival, and hope.” Million I.I Million “is a powerful testament to the endurance of the human spirit, ever fighting onwards and never giving up. Faith, indeed, is everything…” “A fascinating insight into another’s world, powerfully written and demonstrating amazing strength and resilience” Rachel Probert – Human resources Director “An absorbing, compelling story – sometimes dark yet full of amazing courage and faith” Elizabeth Bond – University Lecturer “A rollercoaster ride of epic drama, Hanifa Danyal takes the readers on her personal journey of trials, struggles, love and faith. This true story reflects a bitter reality of one woman’s resilience to stay alive when everything around her is crumbling. A gripping, poignant tale that is hard to put down, it leaves with an ardent question; what happens next?” – Kakul Ehsan Butt.

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