Misadventures of a Zoo Keeper

Misadventures of a Zoo Keeper by Bill Naylor

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Comedy writer Bill Naylor gives a humorous account of his experiences as a zoo keeper. The theme is animals behaving badly – animal people behaving madly. Encounters between exotic animals, and the dedicated, but often quirky and eccentric humans whose job it is to wait on them beak and hoof. Woven through the narrative are little known facts and first hand observations. But even the reader with only a passing interest in the creatures that flutter or slither across the pages, will still find it entertaining, and as two reviewers put it, “laugh out loud funny.” and “hilarious.”


7 thoughts on “Misadventures of a Zoo Keeper

  1. If you love zoos and their inhabitants, you will enjoy this hilarious book describing the author’s adventures and misadventures in the world of zookeeping and some of the characters, both human and animal, that he encountered. If I could deduct one-half star, I would do so for the typographical and grammatical errors in the book that detract one’s attention from the author’s tales.

  2. Really funny and hugely entertaining, all illustrated by the author himself. A brilliant book to buy for quick short reads and a must for the coffee table.

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