Msomi and Me


Msomi & Me (M&M), is one of the all-time best reads of a lifetime. In fact, it IS a lifetime, one of which you’ve never experienced or ever possibly could! Intriguing, colorful, unforgettable protagonists, cute & naughty little bush animals wreaking havoc on the tourists in the Lodge, and camera shots of dangerous African animals’ eyes taken with a mere 135mm lens thanks to a genuine old African “animal whisperer.” Adventure, love, playfulness, tragedy, calamity, wild animals (one especially stands-out), denouement….what more do you want? Blood? Well, there’s that too! It”s not too long, & it includes some EXCELLENT original recipes at the back. This book has EVERYTHING! It”s an easy read, & is so compelling it cannot be put down.

Brian Connell
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