Much Ado About Madams

Much Ado About Madams by Jacquie Rogers

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Determined to put her past to rest and embrace her new life as a graduate of Miss Hattie’s School for the Refinement of Young Ladies, Lucinda Sharpe heads west to become a school teacher. Little does she know it’s not Reese McAdams who invites her to the town of Dickshooter in Idaho Territory, it is six soiled doves in The Comfort Palace who are determined to rise above the cards they’ve been dealt in this life. The moment Lucinda steps off the stage coach, the fun begins. The women embrace their lessons with the same fervor as they do throwing Lucinda and Reese together. What follows is a fast-paced plot with twists and turns, humorous moments and a deeper, poignant look at how the past can shape a person’s future.

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