Origin by Jonathan O’Donnell

Origin I is part of a series, Origin II coming soon…

It does not matter where humans go, nor how far; evil will always be with them.

Origin breaks the mould on the traditional Vampire stories, myths and legends. It will take you from Richard the Lion Heart to the slopes of Olympus Mons. You will be embroiled in Murder, Mystery and Mayhem.

Enjoy the fear that Origin will generate within you, enjoy the action packed fights and the sadistic vampires who show no mercy towards humanity. You will read and be engaged by fascinating characters on both sides. You will read about the callousness and cruelty of the vampire and human species alike. Full of twists and turns and plot surprises you will not be able to put this one down.

Origin I pulls no punches, is fast paced, original and has more twists and turns and plot shifts to keep anyone reading. You will never think about Vampires as some mythical creatures again.

ORIGIN II is coming soon

Origin I explodes the myths and legend of Vampires, explaining in detail for the first time the real truth and biological facts behind the very existence of this powerful and dominate species. And at last the secrets that Governments tried to keep from you are revealed.

If you are a parent you will never view your own children the same again.

An occult science fiction classic series opener that will have you hooked.


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