Paranormal Investigations: The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Paranormal Investigations: The Cajun Ghost Hunter Chronicles by Stanley Jolet


Go on a spiritual journey with the author, as he shows how one does not need expensive equipment to talk to the dead. He takes you to the heart of Acadiana in south central Louisiana where spirits at a bed and breakfast tell him that a young woman’s suicide there was actually a murder. He brings you to the heart of New Orleans where a spirit committed suicide and tells Stanley how he died. Listen to slaves from the most haunted house in New Orleans, the Laulaurie House, tell of the torture and abuse they suffered at the hands of Madame Delphine Laulaurie. Go to Laurel Valley plantation, and hear spirits talk about a murder that took place in the old slave quarters. Listen to intelligent spirits speak to Stanley from the Mojave Desert to the ruins in the foothills of Delos, Greece. Hear intelligent responses from the spirits of the parents of Stanley and his wife, Barbara, as they answer questions that only they could know the answers when they were alive. You will know you’re never alone, again, once you read these true, captivating stories.

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  1. I just started reading this book. I feel the author offers a different experience for a reader. He puts you right in the story. His proof is amazing and he gives the reader something different that just reading a book. The audio adds more excitement to every chapter. This is a great read. Thanks for sharing all your many adventures.

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