Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey

Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey by Jack Scott

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A bitter-sweet tragi-comedy that recalls the first year of a British gay couple living in a Muslim land.

3 thoughts on “Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey

  1. Jack writes and shares his personal journey along with helpful information about where he moved to. This is a “must read” book and an author who knows how to write, keep his readers interest and I look forward to his future books. Hats off to Jack!!!

  2. Jack brings the decision to become an “expat” and everyone he meets along the way to life in such fun, unique and imaginative ways. If you are considering moving out of your home country and want to know what the adventure might feel like, pick up Perking the Pansies and spend an afternoon with it. You’ll be very glad you did. Bravo on a fun, interesting book!

  3. A very humorous and heartfelt aaccount of life and love on the Bodrum peninsula…a must for anyone who knows the area and will not fail to recognise places and types of characters, but also an honest perspective for anyone considering living the aream in a foreign lan. A super book!

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