Seafaring – The Full Story

Seafaring – The Full Story by Captain George P. Boughton

Printed Book

Times Literary Supplement: “This book is genuine sea salt. Warm colours of Mr Shoesmith’s pictures accord well with the romantic story” of days before steamships. Here is a book for sailors and for all who love the sea, written and illustrated by sailors. In this edition of Seafaring, which deals with ships and life aboard ships in the days before steam had conquered sail, a Prologue is added that tells of the tragic circumstances that led up to the author going to sea when aged twelve. An Epilogue also reveals his fortunes since writing the book. The men who spent the best part of their lives on sailing vessels are now gone but fortunately Captain Boughton, as one of them, committed to writing his first hand account of what their lives aboard were really like. The salt of the sea is in these breezy pages; they reflect the virile enjoyment with which the men of whom Captain Boughton writes faced the hardships of their existence. The work is beautifully illustrated by Kenneth D Shoesmith RI, a prolific artist whose works included several large pieces for the old Queen Mary. The inclusion of several of the traditional sea “chanties”, with the musical scores, and the end-papers that illustrate sailors’ knots, add the final flavour to an inspiring and enduring book.

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