Secrets by Katelyn Schneider

Printed Book

Nothing is more tantalizing than a secret. Fatherless, nearly friendless, and confined to repeating the same boring routine every day, seventeen-year-old Victoria Laine is just living to get by; her lust for excitement and adventure is too large to be quenched by the cozy lifestyle of the mountain-skirted town of Wenatchee. There is never anything exciting, never anything new. She has all but given up on finding anything interesting in the confines of the world she is being forced to live in. So Victoria can’t help but be curious when something new is thrown into the mix: Nick Avery, a boy with silver eyes whose obsession with isolation makes Victoria want to figure out exactly what he’s trying to hide. What if there has always been more to this life, but humanity is too blind to realize what possibilities are right in front of them? What if Victoria is more than what she seems? Victoria realizes she has more in common with Nick than she had originally thought, and she discovers that trying to figure out everything about someone else is the key to finding out who she really is and unlocking a future she had never thought possible. And now she is being forced away from the ignorant human lifestyle and into a life that holds so much more excitement, so much more pain, and so many more secrets.

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