Simply Crimson

Simply Crimson by Sai Marie Johnson


Camille de Clervaux’s life is rather luxurious. Her husband, Julien von Beirutt is a wealthy businessman with stock shares in Lockheed Martin, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and several other big name companies. Cami herself owns a very successful equestrian company, and several well know racing horses. The convenience of their marriage, however, has become so suspicious that Camille begins to wonder if her husband is having extra-marital affairs. The answer is soon provided when she catches him in a very compromising position with another successful, and suave male by the name of Andre` DuPointe. With her husband’s sexual appetite revealed Camille is thrust into an exotic world of s/m pleasure she had never before known. Will this new step into a world of sexual depravity corrupt her for good, and could Andre` DuPointe be the added ingredient she needed to spice up her life?

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