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Would you like to submit your own, or someone else’s work for an Award?

It couldn’t be easier, simply click this link (Nominate here!) to join our group and add the title and author to the poll for this year’s top book!

You can also promote your book on our site by completing the enclosed form. Thousands of book lovers around the world will see your entry so please make the most of this opportunity and be sure to read all of the following guidance. In particular, don’t forget to include a description to tempt book lovers to buy your book and follow the guidelines for the cover!

NB Submitting the form will help you to promote you book but it will not enter it into the competition for an award, to do that you must enter the title in the poll on the above link. Please also note that multiple entries will DIVIDE your result, so if the title you wish to support is already in the poll – don’t enter it again!

You can promote any printed or ebook, currently available on *major sites, by submitting an easy to complete form (see link below).

Just made a nomination?

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Submitting a title using the Form

It’s important that you fill in all the compulsory fields including the link to a *book store or review site and check that you have used the correct format and size of cover image (see below). Titles will appear immediately but those without a valid link will be deleted as this is how we check the suitability of entries.

*Links to your title at the following stores and review sites are currently accepted:

Any Amazon site
W H Smith
Barnes & Noble
The Book Depository

The cover image should be at least 200 Pixels wide by 300 Pixels high. Below are links to advice on changing the size if you need to.



Please read all the information in those fields with an icon before submitting as incorrectly submitted nominations may be deleted in the interests of quality control. Thank you.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to let your supporters know!

There are social network buttons for Twitter, Facebook etc. under every nominated title, just click on Share; you might also like to post a Blog entry or use email to rally support for your nomination. It will be quick and easy for your supporters, and will make all the difference to the position of your nomination. Follow @thebookawards on Facebook and Twitter to be notified when your entry is listed, you can share and re-tweet to gather votes!

Voting is on Facebook and you will be directed to our Facebook page once you have nominated your title (

Click here to go to the nomination form – the password to frustrate spammers is the month of the year that changes each leap year (all in lower case)!

Thank you for your nomination and good luck!