Legacy of Dragonwand

Over 1000 years ago, nearly all the ancient wizards were destroyed after the Wizard Wars. However, the one who started the War still remains, having worked his will in secret. If he can find the last Dragonwand, he will regain his powers as the dark dragon. Unaware of the Dragonwand or the betrayer, sixteen-year-old Markus is looking for a wizard who will give him a letter of recommendation for the College of Wizardry. During his journey, he stumbles upon Tolen the Wise, who sends Markus on a quest to end the darkness and find the Dragonwand before it gets into the wrong hands. As Markus discovers growing powers and makes allies, will he find what he needs to complete Tolen’s task, or will the ancient, dark wizard uncover the Dragonwand and forever change the fate of the land of Gallenor?

Daniel Peyton

Plane Walker (Book 1 of the Manus Dei Trilogy)

The Manus Dei system proved that a deity exists.
The universe was changed forever.
Mankind desires equal footing with the God.
The God seeks to abandon mankind.

After his wife dies during childbirth, Lazarus’s life takes a turn for the worst. Addictions and neglect spread across the years as Lazarus focuses on the Deity as the apex of his frustration. During a freak accident, his daughter Elisha disappears. At his weakest point, Lazarus’s last memories of his daughter are erased, leaving him stranded with no clue of her final whereabouts.

On a final whim of desperation, Lazarus locates the last Manus Dei system in existence, hoping to use the machine to find the memories he has forgotten in life. But not without harsh repercussions.

Will Lazarus find Elisha? Or will he succumb to the terrible consequences of using the Manus Dei? Will Lazarus’s ulterior motives turn his daughter’s rescue mission into a war against the God?

Reinventing the face of science fiction and blurring the lines between genres and styles, Plane Walker will leave you enthralled and begging for more – intensely hoping that Lazarus will find his daughter Elisha while harboring feelings of both dread and suspense.

Welcome to the future. Embrace the unknown.

C. P. Dunphey

A Bond of Venom and Magic

A half-blood magic wielder… A hard-hearted warrior…. A deposed prince. A Bond of 13569977_10154356405599319_997004710_oVenom and Magic is an epic fantasy tale set in a dangerous world of magic, fearsome winged warriors, dragons and forbidden romance. It is ideal for mature Y A fans of SJ Maas and Cassandra Clare, and readers who love to discover spectacular new worlds.

The Wraith Lord is hunting; his prize, the key to unleashing darkness and Chaos upon the eight Kingdoms.
For Diamond Gillon the war raging in the south seems a remote danger until she loses everything she holds dear. After her home is brutally attacked Diamond is catapulted into a terrifying new world in which legendary beasts arise, magic is condemned and half blood fae, like her, have no rights. Diamond is drawn ever closer to her saviour Commander Hugo Casimir. Despite her growing feelings for him, Hugo remains a paradox, not only is he a heartless killer, he is owned by the cruel immortal fae queen; a queen who will murder her own people for magic. Will Hugo become her friend, her protector or an enemy not worthy of her trust?
As Diamond’s circumstances become ever more perilous she is drawn deeper into Hugo’s world and discovers the lengths to which he will go to save what he holds dear.
A Bond of Venom and Magic is a tale of two people bound by magic and secrets, but trapped in the complexities of love and betrayal. It is the beginning of an epic journey, one that will test Diamond’s resolve and determination to battle an evil that threatens not only her world but that of Eternity, the land of The Goddess and the Guardians.

Karen Tomlinson
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

harryBased on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on 30th July 2016.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

J K Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne

The Art of Racing in the Rain

artQuite simply a fabulous book. The story is narrated by a dog, a dog with more insight into being human than many of our own species could hope for.

This book has everything: humour, heartbreak, philosophy, excitement, and most of all, love. And for me, a bonus: I had never realised just how demanding car racing could be!

Manny Sequaila and the Eye of Cronus



During a once-in-a-lifetime holiday aboard a luxury cruise liner, Manny Sequaila, a prickly social misfit from Battersea, finds his barroom relaxation interrupted by a cluster of unexploded World War 2 sea mines that collide with the ship and dutifully relinquish their unexploded status. From that moment on, Manny’s life is diverted onto a terrifying new trajectory by a subterranean corpse, an ancient jewel, bickering Greek gods and a telepath in tight swimming briefs.

Manny Sequaila and the Eye of Cronus is the first in a series of humorous adventures that pits stupidity, impatience and profuse cowardice against an unforgiving and indifferent universe.

Ben Harriss

Lerkus: A Journey to End All Suffering

small thumbnail front.jpg

In search of a more meaningful life, Jude Knight boards a train destined for the Cave of Lerkus. He soon discovers that he is traveling inside a mysterious world – Lerkus is in control, and he is simply a passenger along for the ride. The only way out is to fight against his inner demons and transform his perception of reality to uncover the enigmatic and supremely powerful Lerkus.

Lerkus is a quest of self-discovery that is quirky and fun, yet deeply symbolic. Journey with Jude in this gripping tale as he questions life and seeks to end all suffering.

L.A. Golding

Little Friends, Big Adventures

Cover final.f.113x160.jpg

Five friends gather together in this collection of twelve short stories for children to share a laugh and some adventures. Their exploits demonstrate that true friendship can overcome any obstacle.
Pete is a toy elephant forgotten in a forest. But he always looks at the bright side of life and soon enough he makes a friend.
Little Tail is a small dog which, following his dreams, goes searching for Snow, overcomes his fears and… will he make a new friend as well and will he ever find his way back home?
Murphy is a witty green lizard who loves to fly and proves to be a devoted friend, despite his size.
Summer Wind learns that showing your friends your true emotions can often help you all find the best solution to any problem.
Dragonfly finds out that by keeping your word good will always come your way and that friends do come in all shapes and sizes.
Little Friends, Big Adventures will charm young and old by painting with words likable characters and whimsical settings.

Patricia Furstenberg
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Rosco the Rascal In the Land of Snow


Brother and sister James and Mandy are spending a winter weekend at a cabin with their lively German shepherd, Rosco. Rosco has never experienced snow before and now he will get the chance to romp around in it, high in the mountains. The kids will build snowmen and brave a steep sledding hill. But will a mysterious visitor bring trouble? And will Rosco’s curious nature spoil the weekend for the kids, or will it save the day? Find out in this heartwarming, wintry, family adventure.

Shana Gorian
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Angelina’s Adventures: The Forest Scavenger Hunt


Angelina, a six year old girl, goes on a forest scavenger hunt with her father one day. This book is the story of all her amazing discoveries and adventures. It is the story of the trees she discovered, fruits she tasted and animals she saw. Read along and discover all of these things for yourself.

Angelina Skye



Svetodar tells the story of his travels to Dea-Earth, the fifth planet from the sun. He speaks of the great war, that took place there and the aftermath that followed. However, Vedomir and Ladomira learn of another purpose for Svetodar’s story, which surprises them even more.

Dmitriy Kushnir



A traveler comes to our Earth after being absent from it for thousands of years. He finds an unexpected guide in Los Angeles and they begin their quests to heal this world and to return it to as it was all those thousands of years ago. Throughout their journey, the traveler displays unimaginable gifts and talents of teleportation, mind control, telepathy and others, which he agrees to teach his guide and their companions they meet along the way.

Dmitriy Kushnir
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Forbidden World


In Argentina, a group of scientists make an accidental and shocking discovery, which is sure to change the world. In Boston, a self-made billionaire is contacted by an unknown being. A contact, which broadens his world and puts him in the direct path of danger. Who will survive, escape danger and live to tell about it; only time will tell.

Dmitriy Kushnir

Msomi and Me


Msomi & Me (M&M), is one of the all-time best reads of a lifetime. In fact, it IS a lifetime, one of which you’ve never experienced or ever possibly could! Intriguing, colorful, unforgettable protagonists, cute & naughty little bush animals wreaking havoc on the tourists in the Lodge, and camera shots of dangerous African animals’ eyes taken with a mere 135mm lens thanks to a genuine old African “animal whisperer.” Adventure, love, playfulness, tragedy, calamity, wild animals (one especially stands-out), denouement….what more do you want? Blood? Well, there’s that too! It”s not too long, & it includes some EXCELLENT original recipes at the back. This book has EVERYTHING! It”s an easy read, & is so compelling it cannot be put down.

Brian Connell
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The Dark Side of Chemistry

When Trent is given orders to leave his lab and to deploy to Afghanistan to test a highly confidential and dangerous serum which he has developed, Skyla can’t shake the feeling that the life she has with strong, dependable, loving, Trent is about to irrevocably change.

Her fears are soon realized when an unknown enemy, intent on revenge, grabs hold of hers, Trent’s and Trent’s unpredictable brother Jensen’s lives and plays puppet master.

A dangerous formula, a well kept secret, love and passion will change the course of three people’s lives more than they would ever have dreamed, or feared, possible.


Tales of Cowchip Alabama

Author Norman E. Morrison presents humor, mystery, and science fiction from the southern perspective via Amazon Kindle. 

CCReaderForFableshopYou’ll want to examine his first short story collection called THE COWCHIP READER. Tales also sold separately.

Come along with the foremost interpreter of the south, Norman Morrison, for tales with a certain southern flavor well calculated to keep you glued to your electronic screen long after the first stroke of midnight.

Meet Mynerd Troft, a failed and unemployed meat packing employee on a job interview at a secret location in Cowchip Alabama where he learns a secret so monstrous and deadly that the world of management cowers in fright that you too should discover their malevolent and vicious secret.

String along with Port Love, the assistant manager down at the Cowchip Cafe in Cowchip Alabama as he struggles with a seemingly omnipotent alien who threatens the very survival of mankind while demanding extra hash browns with his burger to satiate his blood thirsty and unnatural cravings.

Cringe in terror as you follow along with old man Poppin of the Poppin Hill Community near Cowchip Alabama who revels in death by frying pan while screaming to the world that he hates crispy bacon and all those who would consume it. A spell binding tale of southern crime mystery!

Watch Norm, who just happens to be the most powerful man in the world, and just happens to reign over his worldly domain from the RYO Corporation Building located in downtown Cowchip Alabama find his lost soul (With a little help from his personal angel) on Christmas Eve.

Then later on, way later on, sit on the edge of your seat as you watch Muttonhead Rex at work on the RYO Corporation gas-ice mining operation on Europa devising ways to downsize the company. That is, send several hundred slackers naked out an airlock to satisfy the whims of the RYO Corporation head office back on earth in, you guessed it, Cowchip Alabama.

A short time later, ride along with control operations pals, Torgersen and Maloney on the RYO Corp space ice freighter ‘The Three Virgins’ gliding silently and deadly between Europa and Mars as they implement their plan to space their hated boss Melancho. Hateful rascal!

Tales of Cowchip Alabama and the sinister RYO Corporation as fresh as today and as deadly as tomorrow. All in good fun with a little southern lingo thrown in for spice. The characters you’ll meet mean no harm. Just trying to get along the best they can.

Says The Cowchip Alabama Gazette:Another tour de force by Morrison!

The Cowchip Reader Volume 1 is a selection of six short stories and novellas in the Cowchip Alabama and RYOCorp series by Norman Morrison. A seriously good read!

View THE COWCHIP READER and read the first story for FREE! See the full review on Norm’s site FableShop.net

I want to personally thank the author of TheBookAwards.com website for giving me this opportunity to place my work here. The site itself is a bold concept and I wish the owner all of the success in the world. He or she is welcome to visit Cowchip/AL whenever possible and to dine with me at The Cowchip Cafe.

Norman Morrison