The Secret of Eternal Life

Damien has trained his whole life to protect the woman he would one day protect from the forces bound to destroy her family line. For years he has dreamed of a past life lived by his ancestors hundreds of years ago.  The very woman who haunted his dreams at nigh is standing before him, and he knows that she is the one that he has been waiting for.

Jessica finds herself face to face with the man she had dreamed about just hours earlier. Everything in her wants to be with him.  She is the new Guardian, and her life mate has already been chosen for her, she just has yet to meet him.  Yet, one night of passion with the new bass player from her favorite band couldn’t hurt.

They have found each other, and things are happening fast. Jessica and Damien now have to fight to protect their new family from the Eternal Order who wants want the Secret of Eternal Life for their own.  Will they have to continue the fight against the Order, or can Jessica find a way to protect her family forever?