He Will Exist

A first novel from a self published author that takes you on an journey that will bring you to your emotional knees. A book that goes beyond any description you could possibly try to give it, it just becomes something you live in, feel in and deal with your fears in, unable to put the book down for a second. Think you had everything figured out? Read this and you’ll think again. Amazing debut, beautifully written and not to be missed.


Margaritë Camaj

Love’s Wager


‘If you didn’t gamble — if you didn’t take the risk to walk up to someone you’re attracted to and ask that person out — how would you ever find the one you’re meant to be with? I’d never been a gambling man . . . Before I laid eyes on him.’

Every Friday night, Isaac Anderson pushes away his worker’s blues and looks forward to one customer in particular walking into the bar. Caleb Miller, a finely dressed young man, orders the same drink and takes the same seat each week, and Isaac can barely take his eyes off him. A word of advice from his boss spurs him on to approach his favourite customer, but there’s something about Caleb that he isn’t expecting. Is a wager on love worth it?

E. A. Kelly
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