A Forsaken Soul: The Necessity of Self-Degradation in Prison Survival

What would you do to survive? Convicted of a felony crime, teenager Mike Crawford finds himself in the dark and brutal world of prison life, a world where a caring and compassionate young man is haunted by the memories of life outside and hunted by the predators inside. In learning just what it takes to survive, he awakens the demons lying within. A Forsaken Soul, the debut short story by Michael Hoard, is a story about transformation that will leave you saddened and shocked.

Michael Hoard

The Devil Couldn’t Break Me






The horrifying true story of a young girl held captive by very nasty and dangerous men during the Yugoslavian conflict. Refugees are in the headlines every day now, and the horrors Laura encountered highlight the sheer terror people face when their country is torn apart by hatred, their homes destroyed, their loved ones separated from them. This is very much a tale for our times.

Laura Aslan
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