Tales of Cowchip Alabama

Author Norman E. Morrison presents humor, mystery, and science fiction from the southern perspective via Amazon Kindle. 

CCReaderForFableshopYou’ll want to examine his first short story collection called THE COWCHIP READER. Tales also sold separately.

Come along with the foremost interpreter of the south, Norman Morrison, for tales with a certain southern flavor well calculated to keep you glued to your electronic screen long after the first stroke of midnight.

Meet Mynerd Troft, a failed and unemployed meat packing employee on a job interview at a secret location in Cowchip Alabama where he learns a secret so monstrous and deadly that the world of management cowers in fright that you too should discover their malevolent and vicious secret.

String along with Port Love, the assistant manager down at the Cowchip Cafe in Cowchip Alabama as he struggles with a seemingly omnipotent alien who threatens the very survival of mankind while demanding extra hash browns with his burger to satiate his blood thirsty and unnatural cravings.

Cringe in terror as you follow along with old man Poppin of the Poppin Hill Community near Cowchip Alabama who revels in death by frying pan while screaming to the world that he hates crispy bacon and all those who would consume it. A spell binding tale of southern crime mystery!

Watch Norm, who just happens to be the most powerful man in the world, and just happens to reign over his worldly domain from the RYO Corporation Building located in downtown Cowchip Alabama find his lost soul (With a little help from his personal angel) on Christmas Eve.

Then later on, way later on, sit on the edge of your seat as you watch Muttonhead Rex at work on the RYO Corporation gas-ice mining operation on Europa devising ways to downsize the company. That is, send several hundred slackers naked out an airlock to satisfy the whims of the RYO Corporation head office back on earth in, you guessed it, Cowchip Alabama.

A short time later, ride along with control operations pals, Torgersen and Maloney on the RYO Corp space ice freighter ‘The Three Virgins’ gliding silently and deadly between Europa and Mars as they implement their plan to space their hated boss Melancho. Hateful rascal!

Tales of Cowchip Alabama and the sinister RYO Corporation as fresh as today and as deadly as tomorrow. All in good fun with a little southern lingo thrown in for spice. The characters you’ll meet mean no harm. Just trying to get along the best they can.

Says The Cowchip Alabama Gazette:Another tour de force by Morrison!

The Cowchip Reader Volume 1 is a selection of six short stories and novellas in the Cowchip Alabama and RYOCorp series by Norman Morrison. A seriously good read!

View THE COWCHIP READER and read the first story for FREE! See the full review on Norm’s site FableShop.net

I want to personally thank the author of TheBookAwards.com website for giving me this opportunity to place my work here. The site itself is a bold concept and I wish the owner all of the success in the world. He or she is welcome to visit Cowchip/AL whenever possible and to dine with me at The Cowchip Cafe.

Norman Morrison

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