The Blood Eagle in the Big Easy

The Blood Eagle in the Big Easy by K. A. Lange


My name is Viktor Engle Warden and I’d like to welcome you to my city, New Orleans. It’s a place that people from all over the world come to eat, drink and in general be merry, where they lose their inhibitions to the rhythm of some song long forgotten. On its surface the city is a place of joy and revelry but underneath that thin facade something else lurks in the dark alleyways.

The city is alive with things that go bump in the night and prey upon the innocent. The Mystick Courts of Comus and I work with one another to stop that from happening. While we don’t always succeed we do the best that we can in a place that calls out to the darkness. The very land itself feeds off the suffering and sorrow of its inhabitants and it summons the most vile of creatures from all around the world to feast at its bountiful table.

We are the first and last line of defense against the unspeakable evils that lurk in the night. Welcome to a world without rose colored glasses and where the truth is more frightening than fantasy. Be wary of where you step because it might be your last. Pray that you are never in a position that we would be forced to meet.

4 thoughts on “The Blood Eagle in the Big Easy

  1. Clever and creative mix of mythology, science fiction and mordern day New Orleans. The characters are in depth and compelling. Waiting/hoping for more adventures from Viktor via K.A. Lange.

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