The Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 16.27.27.pngMaria knows she will die soon. More than anything, she longs to ask Kathleen for forgiveness, but she has no idea where her daughter has been for the past thirty years. With nothing left to lose, she confesses to her son, Darius, that she sent his fourteen-year-old sister to a Magdalene laundry in Ireland and begs him to find her.

Haunted by his own childhood abuse, Darius can’t seem to hold onto the good relationships in his life; now, on top of the disturbing revelation about his long-lost sister, he faces the wreckage of his marriage and estrangement from his gay son. When his attempts to find his sister keep proving fruitless, he decides to distract himself with online dating…and discovers a prime candidate in Faye.

A widow and mother of three, Faye is still recovering from an abusive marriage that destroyed her confidence. Although she doesn’t initially find Darius attractive, she enjoys spending time with him and empathizes with his sister’s plight.

As the compellingly flawed characters weave in and out of each other’s lives, The Catholic Woman’s Dying Wish tackles the question of whether abuse survivors can heal and move on…or whether they remain broken victims of their past.

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