The Cinderella Reflex

The Cinderella Reflex by Johanna Buchanan


Ever think everyone else has their life sorted except you?
That’s how Tess Morgan feels when she returns from her trip around the world. Because while she’s been blissed out in Bali, her peers have been climbing the career ladder.
Turning thirty,Tess thinks maybe it’s time for her to do the same.
But her job as a radio producer feel less like a sturdy foot on the career ladder and more like a stepping stone to disaster as Tess struggles with the demands of the neurotic staff at Atlantic 1 FM.
Her boss, Helene Harper, has problems of her own. Ten years older than Tess, both her relationship and career have taken a wrong turning into a not very pleasant cul-de-sac.
Things go from bad to worse for both women when the struggling radio station is suddenly bought over by the charismatic but ruthless Jack McCabe, who immediately launches a competition for a new star. Soon, nerves are frayed and friendships strained as everyone battles to keep their jobs.
Tess gets back in touch with the ex she thinks of as The One who got away.
Helene tries to to pull strings with her influential lover.
But when both women find Prince Charming is not exactly playing the game, they have to harness their ambition and work out their own rescue plan.
The Cinderella Reflex is a romantic comedy for women who help themselves.

4 thoughts on “The Cinderella Reflex

  1. A very enjoyable read, filled with funny laugh out loud moments. Would highly recommend this story and looking forward to the next publication by this author!

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  3. Really enjoyed this book. A real page turner from first to last. All the characters were well rounded and believable. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to relax and unwind and leave the daily strife behind for a couple of hours

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