The Claims Adjuster

Theloss The Claims Adjuster by A W Caliburn


Doug Nevin is an unemployed father and husband whose life has fallen down around him. Despair and disgust have robbed him of his joy and his pride. Jobless and hopeless, he seems lost. Accepting another referral for yet another job interview, he finds himself presented with a chance to change everything that has gone wrong with his life if he accepts the job as "Claims Adjuster". His new position requires him to help control the spiraling cost of the U.S. healthcare through any means necessary including murder.

But, Nevin amazes himself and his bosses with his ingenuity, closing case after case with one creative death after another. Soon, his world is controlled by murder, prosperity and love, making Nevin a new man with a different outlook on life.

“A true American thriller with a touch of debauchery and a hint of politics.”

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