The Cows at Honey Hill

The Cows at Honey Hill by Denise Surratt

Printed Book
Set in the lush mountain, countryside of Honey Hill, there are two families. One human family on vacation and the Aberdeen Angus family who resides in the mountains of Honey Hill. Father Angus takes center stage as he moos and grunts his disapproval of the vacationing Taylor family. At first, it appears nearly impossible that their daughters who met over a year ago, and share the same name, will ever see each other. Frustrated, Abbie Taylor makes a decision to visit her friend in the dead of night. The decision leads both Abby’s into danger as they enter the forbidden area behind the Angus grazing land. Understanding, acceptance and parental guidance are key themes in this brightly pictured book, and according to Denise Surratt, are “much needed lessons in the society we live in.”

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